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Sergei And The Romas Curse
Part 1 - It Begins
By Kyle Cicero

This is a work of fiction with all rights reserved. You must be over 18 to read. To Will *>) & Dylan who rock the worlds! Readers be patient for rest ok *wink*


Sergei Baronovich looked over at the old man lying on the ground. The young Russian gymnast smirked as he thought about how he had thoroughly bashed the elder man for making a pass at him. "Get up you Roma trash and I will give you more," the young athlete said. Sergei did know which he hated more: Roma's or homosexuals. His handsome Slavic features hardened while his cold green eyes flashed with contempt, " Did you think that I'd ever let some Roma scum come near me let alone some faggot." The six foot jock's muscular body shook with rage. "You think I'd ever be some faggot's plaything. Your kind makes me ill!" He shouted as he brushed back his blonde hair from his eyes." You think I'd ever shoot my sperm for any man like some pathetic bitch!"

The old man gazed up at his attacker. Sergei was a Russian sports hero and the object of sexual fantasy for many women and a quite a few men in the country. The winner of numerous medals & at 24 years of age he was at the peak of his physical prowess and fame. The old man had only wanted to tell him that he admired him. The young man's reaction when the Roma had taken his hand to shake it had been both unexpected and violent. The fact the old man was not gay but the bigoted tirade from Sergei gave him an idea! In an inaudible whisper he summoned the ancient ones to his aid and then in a quivering voice he pronounced to a startled Sergei his Roma curse. "Every time you begin to release your manhood's seed there will slowly grow in you a heat for the touch of men."

Sergei grew enraged. "You think I believe in such superstition about your people's curses you slime." He yelled. "The only men-on-men fucking I enjoy is the physical beating I've done all my life to pansy garbage like you!" Sergei was about to kick the prone man again but then he heard people approaching. It would not be wise to be discovered bashing the man thought Sergei. The last time he and a few friends had sought out and bashed a gay man it had taken the government's heavy hand to suppress the publicity. Getting caught again doing it, especially before the Olympics his country was hosting, would be stupid. Quickly he strode off. He left so fast he did not hear the rest of the curse. "And since you have humiliated me and verbally abused me I further say that this sexual fire in you will only be truly fed by humiliation and verbal abuse from men."

The First Steps:

For days after Sergei had no further thoughts about either the Roma or his curse. With a competition to prepare for the young Slavic athlete spent his days perfecting his routine under the careful guidance of the team coach. Working with Sergei was never pleasant especially when his working with the team in a joint effort was required. The young gymnast was supremely arrogant and treated everyone as his inferiors. Only an extraordinary talent in his sport to back up his ego saved him from being suspended. That said the coach and his fellow teammates secretly seethed in their resentment of the superstar's ego and tantrums. Sergei had taken a particular dislike to their coach who was a squat bear of a man whose huge paunch disgusted the lean muscular jock. The fact that the coach had the dark swarthy coloring of a southern man from the Caucasus region only added to Sergei's hostility. The young athlete took pleasure in showing his complete disdain to the man in front of the team. To make matters worse Sergei had detected the coach staring at his butt a few too many times. "After this Olympics," Sergei thought to himself, "I will inform the Ministry about this. Homo's do not belong with real men in sports".

After intensively training for days Sergei was primed for his competition. As he showered in his government provided suite he thought about the adulation which he would receive once he had won the gold. The thought of the adoring naive women he could seduce as a winning medalist stoked his ego. As the young jock soaped his firm body he realized he had a raging hard-on. "I should call Natasha," he thought as he reached down & fondled his uncut nine inches. He closed his eyes and imagined her before him. Natasha was a young gymnast in the women's team. Until recently she had been a virginal young girl from rural Russia. Sergei had zeroed in on her and dazzled the naive young girl with his attentions. Once she had succumbed however Sergei had cruelly dropped her to move onto to another teammate in her squad that was a virgin. "Yes Natasha will come over she still loves me," he mused as he stroked himself. Sergei's mind recalled her taunt hard body. "Just like a young boy," he mumbled without realizing it. "Hard, firm &, muscular like Pavel's," he panted as he road his arousal to climax. Suddenly the image of Pavel a young teammate's naked hard body forcefully pressing against him & overpowering him flashed in the gymnast's brain. "Yes," Sergei groaned quietly as he went over the edge and shot sending his juice arching to splatter on the shower tiles. At that moment his mind realized what he had been thinking when he climaxed and the curse came back to him. Had he cum while sexually fantasizing about Pavel taking him sexually? Was the curse coming true? Had he begin an internal process to turn gay by his own act of self-pleasure? "No impossible," Sergei growled out loud. It was a ridiculous idea he smirked to himself. Masturbating couldn't do that and besides, him desiring Pavel of all people! That teammate had been the object of Sergei's taunts ever since he was placed on the team. True the brown-haired gymnast had talent but in Sergei's view his small stature and self effacing demeanor labeled him, as Sergei always pointed out to his teammates, as "faggy". It was just mental exhaustion he decided. The concept of the smaller Pavel overpowering him was a joke! Sergei towered over him and had, in addition, a heftier bulk. He gazed at his seed running down the wall of the shower stall. "No I'm just tired. Men don't interest me & curses are for frightening children," he firmly said out loud .Yet in a small part of his mind an ember lit and the ancient ones chuckled softly.

Step By Step:

The next day however found Sergei slightly off with his timing. Pavel's presence unnerved him as the blonde jock found himself unconsciously glancing at the younger teammate's lithe muscular form. Sergei had always treated Pavel with contempt and disdain. In fact he often acted as if Pavel didn't exist as his teammate. To now feel self-conscious around him was screwing up his concentration. Later Sergei had to listen as the coach lectured him in front of the team over a particularly poor performance he had just done on the mat exercises. Instead of answering back Sergei silently took it all. Later he was shocked that he had felt unusually docile in the face the coach's verbal abuse. By the time the team hit the showers Sergei was on edge. As he showered Pavel came up next to him to wash off. Sergei saw the water cascading down Pavel's defined torso and he felt a strange tingling in his body and his brain felt woozy. The smaller man's defined musculature seemed to glisten as Pavel's hands washed away the soapy water from his chest. The younger gymnasts hand movements in cleaning his body took on a hypnotic effect on Sergei. Without realizing it Sergei's eyes followed the flow of the soapy liquid downward. to Pavel's crotch. Sergei found himself memorized by the young man's thick heavy cock. "I wonder what that feels like to a woman when he fucks them," Sergei pondered absent- mindedly as the thought of Pavel's rod pumping into him... ...suddenly Sergei went wide -eyed with alarm when he realized what he had just thought about. He stared down to his own crotch and to his horror he saw he was half erect. Luckily Pavel was too busy washing the soap from his eyes to notice it. Quickly Sergei turned the water tap to cold and the burst of freezing liquid doused the tingling that was now growing in his manhood. The hunky athlete silently dressed and, after one last look at Pavel's dripping bare form, Sergei left for his suite.

Once at home Sergei tried to make sense of what had happened today at the gym. Could he be turning into a fag? Should he play it safe and never masturbate again? "No!" He yelled out loud. It was just stress playing tricks on him. The young gymnast decided he needed to relax. "I should go find a woman," he laughed, "good sex will make it right" he sighed. It all due to not having a female sexual encounter for awhile, he said silently to himself. His reaction to Pavel was explainable. The younger teammate was rather effeminate & he reminded Sergei of a woman that was all. Thinking of Pavel effeminacy triggered a subtle wave of sexual heat in him. Yes the Russian snickered too obsessed to notice that fact. Find a woman. Have sex with her and things will be back to normal Sergei mentally repeated. He needed an encounter with a woman The sexual heat rose in his body as he further contemplated the muddled mix of sex, women & unconsciously now Pavel. Imagine him becoming more of a fag; he chuckled to himself, every time he jerked himself off. He had to relax and correct things that had happened today. One way to get back to normal was to make the coach pay for his verbal abuse. The recollection of the overweight coach trashing him rose up in Sergei's brain and he recalled the humiliating words the coach directed to him. A powerful heat of arousal washed over him and without realizing it Sergei, still lost in his mental revelry of the verbal tirade he had been subject too, reached unconsciously down to rub his crotch. Who knew the coach could be so powerful and dominating the jock thought as he became semi-erect. He had never treated Sergei so sharply before. The muscular athlete's rod stiffened further. A disorientating warmth fired in now him as he suddenly visualized being submissive to his coach's authority. It engulfed his mind as Sergei now so aroused he was not thinking clearly continued to stroke himself into a full blown erection. A hazy vision flashed in his brain of the weaker Pavel and the corpulent coach taking him down physically & sexually. Thoughts raced through Sergei of the coach's heavy stomach lying on his prone form. The weight of the coach's massive gut on the small of his back pressing downward on him forcing him to spread his tapered thighs apart to adjust to the pressure as the more powerfully built athlete surrendered to his coach's considerable bulk of fat. Did the coach have an equally impressive cock under that stout middle? It was then Sergei recalled Pavel's manhood that he had seen in the shower. Memories of its heft and thickness and the younger man's full low hanging nut- sack still dripping water from Pavel's washing. The images triggered an uncontrollable urge to explode which overwhelmed Sergei before he realized it. With a loud shuddering whimper of submission Sergei erupted in gushes of sticky white fluids causing his tall muscular frame to quake from the force of each spurt. When his mind cleared he froze in panic. He raced to clean himself off and then sunk to his knees and cried in sobs of despair. "I just have to be sure never to masturbate again," he swore to himself. "Never!" The embers in his brain flared higher & chuckling of the ancient ones became a chortle.

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