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The Reverse Takeover
Part 1 - The Reverse Takeover
By Kyle Cicero

The meeting was set. As Hiro sat at his desk and looked over the folder in front of him the middle-aged Asian CEO prepared to confront his American rival Brett Taylor. Hiro needed to accomplish more than the defeat the hostile takeover being attempted .He also needed to have his small company somehow take over the American's larger financial empire to survive. The door opened as Brett confidently strode in accompanied by his bodyguard... Hiro gave the American CEO an evaluating glance. The description he had been provided with was true. The American was young but that much was in the report which listed him at 28 years old, 6' with honey-blonde hair cut short and, green eyes. The report failed to convey however the American's classic Anglo-Saxon features which resulted in his having an extremely handsome appearance and, judging from the tight cut of his suit an amazingly muscular physique. Hiro subtlety glanced at his rival's crotch. Nice bulge he thought it will be interesting to see it unveiled. Soon Hiro mused as a smile played out on his face. Brett looked at him.

"I hope you will be still smiling after our meeting," Brett stated arrogantly. “Now let’s discuss the terms of my takeover."

"This was to be a private meeting," Hiro said as he looked at Brett's bodyguard. The man was also young. Hiro guessed about mid-twenties. The man was strikingly handsome with wavy brown hair and eyes. The bodyguard was slightly shorter than his employer but obviously well built.

"Tag always stays with me," replied Brett. “In my position one needs protection. Tag is a former state trooper and ex-marine," boasted Brett. "But," Brett continued as he gazed at Hiro with barely concealed amusement, “I’d say I'm safe with you. Don’t you agree Tag?"

Tag nodded with a sneer of contempt as he stared at the middle-aged Asian. It was clear both young men considered him unequal to either of them in sheer physical strength.

"Yes sir. You could take him easy. Hell he's Asian," he agreed. Hiro stiffened.

"Tag waits outside," Brett responded. Hiro watched as the bodyguard turned and walked briskly out of the room. "Sorry about that last remark," Brett replied insincerely." Tag speaks his mind and he has a tendency to be a bit condescending toward Asians. Please accept my humble apology."

It was obvious from his tone of voice that Brett was not sorry and indeed quite enjoyed Tag's comments to his rival. Hiro controlled his rising anger. Soon you will apologize and mean it he thought.

"If you would pull up a chair from over there," he sighed in mock resignation as he pointed to a chair at the back of the room," Brett shook his head and walked over to the chair. He bent down to lift it up giving, as Hiro intended, the Asian an opportunity to evaluate his rival's butt as well. Hiro breathed in softly as he watched Brett's leg and ass muscles clench during the lift. Brett's butt was very fuck-able he pondered.

Brett brought the chair over & sat down. His suit pants rode up snugly setting off the outline of his impressive manhood. Hiro lowered his eyes pretending to be deeply in thought but in reality allowing himself to feast his vision on his rival's manhood. Hiro pondered his next move.

After a minute or so of silence Brett spoke up. "Lets not waste time old man," he said arrogantly. "Your company is small and your financial resources are weak. So far you have resisted my buy out but be assured of one thing. I intend to take you down. No need to drag it out in some proxy fight. I never lose. I don't intend to begin to with you."

Hiro nodded. He knew from his research that Brett was sure of his prowess both in the boardroom and from other reports the bedroom. What Brett did not know was that for Hiro it was also personal. Brett had seduced Hiro's niece and after defiling her had left her to go onto another female conquest. For Hiro such an act was a loss of face for his family that had to be revenged. Hiro's honor demanded that the loss of one's virginity must be paid for with another. He smiled. The reports he had commissioned had proven quite detailed. Hiro opened the file and read a line he had underlined. It read as follows: Subject had a severe father. There were numerous allegations of parental discipline beyond the norm. School physiological records reveal that subject's actions are exaggerated attempts to prove manhood to the father. Subject has deep underlying desire to please his father and probably uncertain of his manhood hence his constant aggressive 'conquests' of companies and women.

"Yes, yes," Hiro sighed." I know that I am powerless to defeat you. “He noticed Brett's smug grin.” But in my culture these things must not be rushed. I will sign the papers you have given me but in such situations it is customary to share a drink of tea as a sign of mutual respect."

"That's the problem with your culture," Brett stated in annoyance tinged with a touch of superiority. "Too much deference, too much time wasted on irrelevant niceties." Hiro stated silently at Brett. "Okay whatever," Brett groaned, “just pour the tea".

Hiro reached over to a button and buzzed. A young man entered with two cups and served each man. The young man nodded to Hiro in silent acknowledgement. He withdrew. "I believe you will find this tea to be most stimulating," Hiro said.

Brett grabbed his cup and drank the tea in fast gulps while Hiro quietly sipped his. Brett put down his empty cup and gazed at Hiro,"Now lets sign the......," Brett paused as his breathing quickened.

"Are you alright?" Inquired Hiro in mock concern.

"I...I feel a bit woozy," Brett replied haltingly. He looked at Hiro with unfocused eyes.

"Oh that is just the mild hypnotic sedative in it," Hiro stated in amusement.

"Se...da...tive," Brett slurred as his eyes lost focus. The young American CEO was losing his mental grip.

"Quite harmless really," Hiro continued. “It relaxes the minds defenses and leaves the subject's mind open to suggestion and...." Hiro paused as he watched Brett's pupils dilate, “and even reorientation."

Brett tried to rise but fell back in his chair. Hiro came up to the helpless young stud; he placed his fingers under Brett's chin and lifted the handsome young American's face up to meet his. Hiro laughed. "Now relax my fine young American. Ah Americans... so confident, so arrogant, so self-assured and dominating.... correct." Hiro's finger traced the sensual lips of his 'victim.

Brett sighed as he gazed into Hiro's face. He felt himself drowning in the middle-aged Asian warm brown orbs. "Dom...min...ate." he mumbled as his handsome features relaxed.

"Yes," Hiro nodded,” Taking you down will be a true pleasure for me...and," he chuckled as he leaned in the whisper into the zapped hunk's ear,” for you too my son."

"Dad?" A confused Brett gasped as his mind surrendered completely to the effects of the drug.

Hiro walked back to his desk and pressed a button. The young tea server came in and looked over at the drugged American and smiled. He then directed his attention sat Hiro.

"Prepare the video for our guest," Hiro commanded. The young man went to the windows and closed the shades. He then set up a screen in front of Brett in the darkened room and adjusted Brett in the chair so that the now- powerless stud's vision was concentrated on it.

Hiro walked up behind Brett and ran his hands gently through the young man's hair. He began to massage Brett's temple. The young CEO sighed contentedly causing Hiro to gaze at the tea server and exchange nods of approval. The aid left the room and the screen came alive with the reflections of certain programmed images. "Allow let me show you a video of our latest efforts. Concentrate on it my son and later I will give you all you deserve."

Brett weakly nodded as Hiro played the tape. “Remember if you watch intently it will have a great effect." Hiro softly said as he averted his eyes. “I believe your father appears in many of the images." Brett gazed at the screen as his father's face filled his view. "Concentrate if you wish to please your father Brett," whispered Hiro as he walked out of the conference room.

"Please dad... must.... co...cen..trate," mumbled Brett as his mind soaked in the flickering images on the screen not realizing that the video was also sending a series of underlying messages deep into his inner brain. Brett's surrender had begun!


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