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Smile for the camera Ben
Part 6 - Finale
By Kyle Cicero

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Early that Monday morning Mark received a call from his film’s director.

“Mark, this is David,” the voice said. “I’m calling from the set.”

Mark grumbled to himself as he glanced at the clock on his nightstand. “Do you know what fucking time it...” but the excited man cut him off.

“Listen Mark I know the time, but I got here early to figure out the scene before everyone arrived and I found Ram passed out in his trailer wearing one mutha fucking shit eating grin.” David babbled on. “At first, I just assumed that he’d spent the weekend getting drugged or sexed up but then I saw...”

“So what!” Mark yelled losing his patience. “He got drunk and or lucky. Why call me?”

“Mark, I didn’t call you about that,” David replied trying to keep his voice steady. “I’m calling about...when I went to check camera angles for today’s shootings I saw someone had run a taping on them, and when I looked at the fucking tape on a viewer.” David voice trailed o for a second. “Mark, you’ve got to get here fast to see this stuff.”

Mark shook his head. David was a cool guy who usually handled everything quite nicely. If David was this...what? From the tone he sounded shocked yet Mark would swear there was an undercurrent of...excitement? Mark dressed and raced to the set. He found Mark sitting behind the viewer.

“It is a perfect series of shots Mark, ” David explained as he hit the play button on the viewer. “It runs for two hours and honestly it is great just as it is. Whoever shot all this knew camera angles, close-ups and, the right lightening. Even the sound is perfect! All we need to do is put our label on it and opening credits man. And wait till you see who is on it and what the fuck is being done by the guys,” A huge grin broke out on David’s face. “It’s a guaranteed bestseller, man.” The director hooted as the tape rolled.

Mark watched at first with amazement then with glee but at last in full arousal mode. There was Mr. Total Top, Ram M. Hard, getting royally plowed in scene after delicious scene. Ram was arranged in every conceivable sub position throughout the film. Even more arousing, it was clear he was quivering in anticipation of every fuck. The sound was superb. The viewer had no difficulty hearing the actors’ especially macho Ram moaning and whimpering for a harder fuck from his costar during every screw. But the true shocker was who was busting Ram’s ass in the video. “Can’t be,” muttered Mark. “It’s fucking Jared!”

“More like it’s Jared who’s fucking,” David replied quietly.

The two men sat watching the entire tape. When it was over, they both stared at each other.

“We fucking need to get this out fast!” Mark ordered. “It’s going to make us rich,” he started laughing joyfully as he hit replay.

“But will Ram approve?” David hesitantly asked. “I mean he is a total bitch in this film. His rep as a top will be totally gone. I mean did you hear him in it. Screaming for more and, in that one scene, barking like some dog. Not to mention slurping up cum like it was all he every wanted to eat.”

“He has a contract,” Mark smirked as he gazed at the action. As he heard Jared in one scene telling Ram to bend over the headboard it hit him. “Hmm, we will entitle it Ram M. Hard in his newest video called,” Mark paused savoring the moment before continuing, “Ben Dover!” Mark broke into peals of laughter at the thought. A perfect name to sell it and had the added bonus of rubbing Ram’s nose a bit in it by using his real first name, the very name he hated, too boot. Mark recalled Ram’s boast from a few days ago: “Fucking don’t forget it now, you sorry old queen. It’s never Ben, and I never bottom.” Mark let out a loud guffaw. “Let’s go congratulate our star on his blockbuster performance,” Mark said lightly in glee.

The two of them went to Ram’s trailer. They found a disheveled Ram on the floor sleeping soundly with a vibrating dildo fully on and up his dimpled bubbled butt. “Aw, don’t stop Jared,” Ram groaned when David attempted to pull it out of Ram’s rear. He wiggled his cute rump seductively back onto the implement. “Fucking shove it in me deep dude,” he mumbled woozily.

“You heard our star. Grab a camera” Mark smirked. When David returned with one Mark told him to start shooting. “We will add it as bonus outtake material on the video,” Mark sneered as he pushed the dildo firmly back into Ram’s eager hole then turned it to its highest vibrating setting. To his joy Ram responded with a sigh of contented appreciation for his action.

“Aw, yes sir. Fuck my pussy,” Ram giggled as his cock rose in height. The ‘top’ star lazily reached down to treat the two men to a lewd display of his charms in action as he slowly stroked himself into a full erection. “Shit, I love your dick up my ass,” Ram grunted as his hard body suddenly tensed. “I’m going to pop my balls man,” he whimpered just before he blew a load of creamy jism that arched high up only to then descend rapidly to splatter across his own face. The muscled star eagerly extended his tongue to lap up some of his own spunk. “Cum. Fucking A,” he whimpered as he licked at his lips clean. “Fucking A,” he murmured once more just before he passed out cold sporting a shit eating grin on his cum covered handsome features.

“Stop filming. Let him sleep,” Mark whispered with a devilish gleam as he gazed down at the wasted performer. “We’ve a hit to get out.” Mark grabbed a nearby regular camera and took a close up picture of Ram’s smiling cum smeared face. “Now I have our DVD cover shot.” He hooted in glee as they left Ram’s trailer.

The rest was porn history. The video was a huge success as fans raced to see Mr. Top do his first bottoming role. The biggest controversy that had everyone talking in the industry was whether Bolt had somehow had Ram ‘doing it’ with either a Jared look alike or, as many insisted, a fancy computer imaging process. A few fans even claimed Jared’s well-documented death had never occurred and that he had been in hiding until now. The fact Jared looked the same despite the passage of time was attributed, by these rabid Jared fans, to expertly done plastic surgery. Mark dodged every inquiry on the subject and preferred to let the unresolved argument increase the video’s already stellar sales.

Either way, everyone agreed it was pure genius for Bolt to pair its two greatest stars in one flick especially in one where it had the self- proclaimed Mr. Total Top Ram M. Hard getting butt-fucked by the legendary Jared. Later, a growing chorus insisted that no actual bottoming by Ram had occurred if it was just computer imaging, but this only created enough of a renewed debate to generate even more healthy sales.

In later publicity interviews, Ram dodged every question dealing with his activities in the video. Mark chuckled as he watched Ram, or ‘Ben’ as many now annoying called him, was peppered with queries on how he could reconcile his prior views on how unmanly it was to be a fucked up the ass with his obvious lusty performance as one. As one interviewer put it to him, “Honey, you were moaning like a bitch in heat to whatever or whoever fucked your ass. So what’s up with that, Mr. Totally Un-topped?” Ram just squirmed and simply mumbled how he did these things for his fans.

Ironically, all things considered, the porn awards that year awarded the video its ‘top’ prize as the best adult lm of the decade. The award for best scene in a video went to Ram and Jared for their finale in the film. A visibly uncomfortable Ram accepted the award for Bolt and stood silently on the dais as the committee replayed the scene on the overhead screen. There, for all to see, on cable TV’s coverage was Ram standing by the lower bed frame eagerly begging to get fucked. “Do me, man. My hole’s need your stiff one in it bad please!”

In a what everyone thought was a truly classic send up it was Jared who, having pushed Ram face down and ass up over the bedpost, got to utter to Ram the line: ‘just bend over you pathetic faggot’ while a whimpering Ram moaned in reply, “I need your dick up my ass man” even as he grabbed his butt-cheeks to hold them open wide for Jared’s erect cock while wiggling his rump invitingly.

The scene ended with Jared humping Ram hard then, grabbing the former ‘total top, by the hair, pulling up Ram’s head for a full face shot of the former top’s look of delirious joy as he got fucked.

“Fuck my ass, man.” Ram babbled his eyes rolling back in his head and his mouth licking his lips in hunger. “Oh man...yeah fuck my hole. I fucking need to get plowed like this every day now.” On hearing this from Ram the audience burst into applause. The hoots and catcalls echoed in the theatre.

Mark saw Ram twitching as he watched his performance and the audience’s reaction. Mark knew that the sight of Jared doing his rear was arousing Ram. Ever since his encounter with Jared the former alpha macho star was crazy to get fucked. The air was out of his smug sails forever Mark smirked to himself as he planned his next bottom role for Ram.

Ram had been so bitch-slapped by his experience he now complied with Mark’s requirement that Ram get fucked in at least one scene in every new release. “Thanks Jared,” Mark whispered to the sky as he recalled how he and David had bent Ram over the office desk just this morning to take turns fucking their former tormentor. Their joint payback for Ram’s prior tantrums was so sweetly appropriate Mark chuckled to himself. He gazed up at the screen as it showed the award winning video’s final scene with its now infamous conclusion.

There on tape was Jared ending the action in the video by pulling out of Ram’s ass then turning Ram’s head sideways just enough to enable Jared to erupt a shot of Jared’s creamy white cream to the side of Ram’s face. The film ended with Ram licking the cum as it dribbled to the corner of his mouth while Jared mocking said to the whimpering Ram the video’s final exquisite line, “Yeah, I knew you were really a bitch!”