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Smile for the camera Ben
Part 5 - Part 5
By Kyle Cicero

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Ram was riding on a sea of erotic sensations when his body felt the first push into his rear’s opening. “Huh,” he grimaced; still thinking it was just the fingers of the blond hunk. “Yeah, shove those fucking things in deep,” man,” he grunted. Soon, however, he began to register the difference. The pain in his chute increased as it tried to accommodate a thicker presence that was insistently plunging into his guts. “What the fuck!” Ram yelped as his eyes cleared slightly and he glanced down to his butt area. What was going on hit him full force now. “Holy shit you’re trying to fuck me,” he cried in a rising panic.

Jared took a firm hold of the twin muscular thighs of the taller man. “Trying is a bit off the mark,” he responded as he leveraged himself into position and pressed his thick cock eagerly into Ram’s guts! “More like doing it.”

“Aw fuck! Stop!” Ram shouted. A smiling Jared just chuckled as he fully penetrated Ram. “OH FUCK,” Ram howled as he ineffectively squirmed to get out from under Jared. “, he wailed. His body shook while his brain shouted conflicting signals to him. “AW, fuck my ass, man. Don’t fuck my ass dude please,” Ram pleaded.

Jared, from long experience in de- flowering virginal boys, knew that the key was to fuck away at that virginal tube until the pressures on the guy’s prostate transformed pain into pleasure. Jared cinched inward using Ram’s body against him and initiated a series of long methodical thrusts. “Go with it, boy,” he murmured as he reached down to cup and fondle Ram’s nuts knowing that this activity was the best method of exploiting the weakest link in the possible resistance from the youthful star.

Ram struggled and begged. He felt like an impaled fish, but soon the familiar enjoyment he always received from a grip on his nuts betrayed his fight. A wave of nut-sack induced heat coursed through him. “Oh shit, my fucking nuts,” he whined as Jared expertly caressed them sometimes tenderly sometimes rougher. “Man, my nuts,” Ram whimpered. It distracted him sufficiently until soon, to his shock, the pain of the penetrations began to lessen. His ass’s inner lining adjusted to the hard pole thrusting inside it. His protests quieted and his body jerks slowed down stopped. Jared could see the tide turning now and he picked up the pace of his fucking. “Damn, it’s like a freaking blowtorch in my ass man,” the once smugly top hunk moaned as his pleasure centers filled with the arousing signals his nuts were giving him.

Jared grinned. “But a good fire right bitch, he said while giving Ram’s pouch the needed attention that was making the younger man pliable to everything else. He noticed Ram’s semi-hard-on. Yeah looks like a bottom is being born , he happily decided as he thrust deeper into Ram. Soon Jared felt his erection hitting a lump in Ram’s insides. Ram’s body jumped slightly.

A so barely perceptible ‘oh’ escaped from Ram’s mouth. In a short while, however, a more audible series of ‘ohs’ were heard from Ram.

Jared smirked: the prostate had been reached. Got yah , Jared silently thought to himself as he went to work making sure now that each drive inward hit its intended mark. “Feel it boy,” Jared whispered to Ram as he noticed the youngster’s cock stiffening even more. Jared cupped and fondled Ram’s pouch sensually knowing it would aid his mission.

“Oh fuck,” Ram groaned as he felt his nuts and ass telling his cock to join in. His rod rose. Instinctively, he reached down to touch it and found it was a respectable length. “Fucking shit,” he whimpered as his butt came even more alive to its invasion. Jared’s screwing picked up causing Ram’s ass to melt inside from the contact vibrations on his prostate. “Oh shit. Oh fucking shit. Gees.” Ram chanted as he gripped his cock and began to masturbate in earnest now. He flicked his thumb up and down the sensitive and pre-cum lubed under-shaft of his erection. “Yeah,” he hissed.

“Good boy,” Jared responded as he continued to screw Ram over and over. By now both men’s torso were bathed in a sheen of sweat. Their sculpted forms glistened under the overhead lights showing each muscle of their torsos rippling and moving in the throes of their wild full out sex. The stage area filled with the grunts and groans of two men in full rutting mode. Interspersed with their vocalizing came the highly sensual sounds that skin hitting on skin always gave out during a hard fuck.

“Fuck me,” Ram softly moaned out suddenly as his mind went with the sensualities that his body was giving him. “Fuck me harder.”

“Say it louder, boy,” Jared growled as he increased his strokes in and out of Ram. By now Ram’s body was uncontrolledly twitching and quaking. His defined chest area heaved up and down as he took in huge gulps of needed air. Various parts of his muscular torso contracted and relaxed under the anal stimulations that rocked through his body. These sights inspired Jared to screw his conquest with abandon. “Say it louder so everyone can hear.”

“I want you to fuck me, Jared!” Ram bellowed sharply. “I want to be fucked, man! FUCK ME!” he screeched.

“Will do, bottom boy,” Jared replied as he plunged his dick in so hard he set off a chain reaction in Ram that gurgled up from the moaning young man’s guts to his balls.

“AW YEAH. My nuts are getting ready to pop a load,” Ram yelled as he felt his jizz juice t flowing up from his balls. “Shit. Oh shit,” Ram yelled and bellowed as he furiously jerked himself off. He was close. Instinctively, the inner muscles of his ass contracted, readying itself for the eruption.

Jared felt the tightening suction on his throbbing cock and with a roar he went over the edge. “Yeah baby boy, fucking take my hot cream up your virgin ass, Ram-boy!” he shouted as his nuts sent a heady burst of spunk up through his cock to gush up Ram’s ravaged insides.

“Holy shit,” Ram gasped as the erotic effects of Jared’s juices flooding up his insides coupled with the load Ram’s own balls were sending hit his dick simultaneously. Their combined stimuli triggered Ram into a powerful eruption of his own. He fully lost control, and panting in ecstasy, he let loose his own voluminous creamy volley. “Creaming. I’m fucking creaming with a dick up my butt,” he shouted as his body quaked under a series of ejaculations. His spurts of cum arched upward and then fell with a delightful splatter onto his smooth defined chest and body. By the time the sobbing young hunk had finished sperming, his spunk had formed a small lake in the valley between his round firm pecs.

Jared eased his cock from Ram’s hole taking pleasure in the soft sigh of disappointment that came from Ram when Jared’s dick fully withdrew. It had been a truly fantastic fuck. “Nice tight ass you got, boy,” he smirked looking down on the exhausted younger guy under him. “I hate to waste protein though,” Jared chuckled as he reached down to scoop up Ram’s wad from the stud’s chest and then feed it to the younger man who slurped it up without any delay. After Ram had consumed it, Jared reached down between Ram’s legs. He scooped up his own cum that was dribbling from Ram’s hole and feed that to the now utterly compliant stud.

“Fuck you,” Ram teasingly sighed as he licked Jared’s fingers clean. “Your cum tastes good. Eating from my own as huh. Shit though it tastes so good.”

“Yes it does,” Jared replied as he watched the once self proclaimed “gay-for pay” star lick Jared’s fingers clean. Jared noticed Ram was still slightly erect as he slobbered on the cum. “Roll over, boy,” Ram happily growled as he reached up to grab one of Ram’s legs from off his shoulder and pivoted it to turn Ram onto his stomach.

“Huh?” Ram wheezed taken by surprise at the action. His still semi-erect hard-on rubbed roughly on the cheap sheets Bolt used for its bed scenes. “Hmm nice,” Ram said moving his hips savoring the rough surface of the material on the tender under-shaft of his cock.

“Up on all fours boy,” Jared sternly instructed to a dazed Ram. To emphasize his point he gave a hard slap to Ram’s rear. The loud WHACK echoed in the room.

“Gees fuck,” Ram howled as the pain of the hit on his rump punched into his brain. He did as he was told as fast as possible rising up on all fours as ordered. His partially erect cock lewdly flapped in the air between his legs and his ball-sack, still partly full with cream, swayed seductively between his tapered muscular thighs. “What are you going to do?” he asked looked over his shoulder backward at Jared.

“Fuck you doggie style, what else, boy,” Jared hooted as he grabbed Ram around the waist. Jared gave Ram’s dick a fast squeeze then re-entered Ram’s now quite looser chute. “Going to fuck you like the dog in heat that, judging by the semi you are sporting, you seem to be, boy.”

“AW SHIT!!!” Ram gasped as the now familiar sear of a dick up his ass re-ignited. Soon he was grunting in reignited bliss that now engulfed him with Jared’s screwing. “Man, you’re really fucking me raw.”

“Yeah boy,” Jared agreed as his hips bucked his cock in and out of Ram.

If Jared had any question about whether Ram was into getting butt fucked he lost it when it became clear that once ‘total top’ Ram was thrusting back onto Jared’s erection with as much force as Jared was using to thrust forward into Ram’s hole. Jared grabbed Ram’s hips and fucked away at a steadily harder pace. He could feel the muscles in Ram’s thighs flexing and undulating in his grasp. He also noticed that Ram was unconsciously arching his toes to raise his lower legs just enough to show o the young star’s sexy calf’s as well. “You love me fucking your ass boy, right?” Jared queried with a grin.

“Yeah, fuck my boy’s ass, man.” Ram suddenly yelled as he reached down to stroke his own impressive erection. “I love you fucking me!”

“Going to make my doggie boy howl, right? “ Jared grunted driving his prior boast home now.

“Yes, man,” Ram replied between a series of moans, grunts and loud yelps of pleasure.

“Bark for me then, my doggie bitched-boy,” Jared said sharply.

“Bow wow,” Ram responded. “Bow wow. Bowwow. Bow...oh fuck I’m shooting!” Ram bawled as his rod spurted once more. “BOW WOWWWW!!!” He roared as he creamed onto the sheets under him.

“Take my cock, boy,” Jared retorted thrusting deeply in before blowing another respectable load up into Ram’s gut. The two men had truly fucked like two dogs in heat.

Ram slunk down on the bed with Jared still both on top of him and in him as well. After a few seconds Jared withdrew noticing Ram’s chute was rosy red and leaking copious amounts of Jared’s seeding from it. Jared grabbed Ram’s hair and pulled Ram’s head upward. He then scooped up a glop of his cum and extended his fingertips to Ram’s face. “We don’t waste protein puppy boy,” he snickered lewdly as he smeared his jism liberally across Ram’s lips.

“Fucking arf, arf,” sighed Ram happily going with the dog reference. His tongue flickered out as he eagerly lapped up the white cum. His face took on the dreamy visage of a guy who was totally satiated by his activities. “Arf, fucking Arf,” Ram wheezed.

“Good boy,” Jared said scooping up more of his spunk and feeding a hungry Ram for a few seconds before he got up off his ‘boy ’. Jared reached down with his hand and patted Ram’s bubbled rump.

“But we have one last shot to do boy.”

“Shot?” Ram mumbled hazily. He turned his head further around and glanced back up at Jared through diluted pupils.

“Yeah,” Jared chuckled. “ A real money shot boy.” The blond star leaned towards Ram and gave the younger stud a deeply sensual kiss. After he was done, Jared arranged Ram to face the head- board of the bed.

“Fuck,” Ram babbled incoherently his handsome face slack with lust. He was soon flying on an obvious wave of arousal.

“Okay boy, let’s smile now,” Jared instructed the mind fucked younger hunk jokingly as he positioned ram back up on all-fours so that his luscious once virginal rump was up in the air once more looking like the top of a sexy pyramid. “Come on bottom-boy,” Jared smirked as he pushed Ram’s muscled thighs farther apart. “Be a good boy and spread those legs wide so we see that fuck-hole of yours.”

“Yes Jared,” a now fully aroused Ram giggled in passive agreement as he moved his legs wide and gripped his sexy cheeks to hold them apart. “Fuck me hard.”

"Oh, trust me kid, you are getting fucked you arrogant bastard," Jared joked.

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