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Smile for the camera Ben
Part 4 - Part 4
By Kyle Cicero

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Ram never knew a finger working his chute could be this hot. It was as if Jared’s digit knew every nerve down there and was triggering bolts of sexual heat on each one. “Oh man,” Ram mumbled as Jared’s hand teased and prodded the outer muscles of Ram’s ring that, until now, had been closed off for invasion. “God my freaking hole is twitching.” Ram moaned as Jared’s teasing manual manipulations soon had the outer muscled ring of Ram’s butt-hole opening contracting and relaxing all in rapid succession. “Oh man. Oh man. Oh freaking shit.” Ram chanted as his chute came alive.

“See how hot a nice massage there can be boy,” Jared stated gently as he ran his fingertip across the groves of folded skin that marked the younger stud’s anal entryway. Jared worked expertly on trying to get past Ram’s first line of defense. He began tickling its moist skin area until Ram was gasping in air and quaking in heat.

“Oh shit,” Ram kept saying over and over. Still his outer ring held off fully relaxing so Jared to penetrate without using force.

Jared knew that the young top needed to yield his anal virginity and continue clenching his anus. Jared was determined not to force his way in and knew a distraction would be helpful to win victory. Jared grabbed the nearby liquor bottle and brought it to Ram’s lips. “Take another shot. It will make it hotter.”

By now Ram was so aroused he couldn’t believe anything could improve what he was experiencing but, he willingly gulped down the liquid rather than resist the man that was taking him to heights of arousal Ram never knew existed.

To his shock Ram realized he had just took a giant gulp of pure vodka. His throat burned and he began hacking. “Shit,” he wheezed as his mind focused on the burning going through his gut from the liquor.

It was precisely what Jared wanted. As Ram’s body shook with a series of coughing jags his anal ring’s defenses relaxed. Taking full advantage, Jared pushed through the outer barrier.

“Fuck,” Ram cried as he experienced his first penetration from a man. He began to squirm but was quickly held in place by Jared’s powerful arms. “Ow man,” Ram yelped as his voice cracked making him sound like a teenaged kid. “Ow that hurts.”

“Easy boy,” Jared responded as he rapidly worked his finger in and out along the satiny inner lining of the young star. “Just breath,” he whispered as the young hunk protested and gyrated under him. After a short time however, the protests grew weaker and soon Ram was shivering in excitement.

“Damn,” Ram soon responded as was fingered out. “Fuck what are you doing in my shitter ...damn fuck yes.”

“See.” Jared replied with a grin. “You got a naturally sensitive hole there, boy.” With his other free hand Jared sensually cupped the young stud’s sack enfolding Ram’s sensitive nuts in a comforting heat. He casually rubbed his calloused palm along the rippled skin of Ram’s nut-pouch.

“Fuck Jared that feels so great,” Ram sighed as Jared’s finger pushed deeper into him rode. Suddenly, without warning, the Ram’s prostate was hit by Jared’s finger. “Holy mutha,” Ram groaned as a bolt of electricity cascaded from it directly to his drunken brain. “Oh fuck.” He purred as Jared’s digit rubbed up against it again and again until Ram was positively mewing in animal pleasure. “Oh man. Oh man.” Ram whined excitedly.

“Like my finger up there huh, boy?” Jared teasingly asked as he scored another in a series of hits on Ram’s prostate. He also made sure to keep Ram’s balls nice and toasty to increase the stimuli for the youngster.

“Shit yes,” a bleary eyed Ram rasped as his muscled frame literally twitched on the bed. His butt was sending bolts of arousal to his brain and crotch. Ram gazed down at his groin and saw his cock was fully erect and dripping copious amounts of pre-cum. “Fucking damn.” He yelped as he felt himself going over the edge into an out-of-control sexual frenzy.

“If you like one finger boy,” Jared continued. “See how much hotter two are!” With that Jared gently inserted a second one into Ram’s chute opening.

“Shit,” Ram howled as his anal opening expanded to accept the newest visitor to its prior unexplored realm. The new experiences were now driving the young hunk crazy. Soon he was happily grunting and gulping in air as his senses overloaded. “Oh man I gotta jerk off.” Ram hissed as he reached down to grab his erection.

“Not yet boy,” Jared interjected as he released Ram’s sack for an instant to push away the young hunk’s hand from his throbbing dick. “We have a long night boy.”

“Oh fuck please,” Ram whimpered in a cracking voice that again whined like a teenagers. “Please let me jerk myself off , man,” he sobbed.

“Soon stud, I swear,” Jared soothingly replied to the entreaties. “For now just let me work your ass out boy. If you try to masturbate, I’ll stop right now. Got it!”

“Uh huh,” Ram groaned as he yielded to the threat. Ram would not risk that outcome. His hand meekly dropped to his side.

Jared silently laughed to himself. He had Ram almost bitched. He continued toward his goal to turn Ram out as a submissive. “Why don’t you play with your boy-tits instead,” he suggested as he grabbed Ram’s hand and placed it on one of the young man’s nipples.

“Fuck yeah ... work my tits,” Ram quickly agreed. Soon both his hands were working on his chest area adding to the erotic overload assaulting his brain.

“Good boy,” Jared said as he reveled in the sight of the once arrogant young star passively lying on his back, feeling himself up. He also too note that Ram had used the words “tits” instead of nipples. Things were coming along nicely. Jared worked on Ram’s hole with a new gusto.

“Oh damn.” Ram responded as he rode on the crest of the penetrations. The smaller man was tapping a sweet spot deep inside Ram’s hole yet; Jared’s fingers were just barely making full contact on that erotic button inside his ass. Ram wanted more and his body signaled that need to his brain. “Deeper man.” Ram mumbled. “Get them in deeper.”

Jared smiled. “Oh yeah boy,” he answered as he increased his thrusts inward even as Ram’s narrow hips bucked downward to aid in the e ort. “I agree you need something else to get in deeper and I’m glad you asked for it. You do want something that can get into your pussy real deep, boy?”

“Aw man just pound in anything,” a desperate Ram begged as his body cried out for a full pressure on whatever it was in his ass that Jared was manipulating so successfully.

“I intend too boy,” Jared answered as he pulled out his fingers.

“Fuck don’t stop,” Ram whimpered as he experienced an anal emptiness that was craving to be filled once more.

“Tell me you want me back inside you and call it your pussy,” Jared sneered.

“I want it ... I want it in ... my pussy,” Ram yelled. He was desperate to continue what was, the best sex he had ever experienced and if calling his anus a pussy was required he would do it

Jared smiled. He shifted his position to get his impressive dick properly aligned to face Ram’s recently relaxed chute. “Sweet,” Jared said as he contemplated the quivering virginal prize that awaited its conqueror. The moist pinkish hole seemed ripe for the picking.

“Aw man. Fuck man, I’m dying,” Ram rasped as his hole aching emptiness left by the withdrawal of Jared’s two fingers. “Fucking get something back in my pussy, please.”

“Well buddy,” Jared smirked as he set Ram’s well-defined muscled thighs widely apart on his broad shoulders. “Just remember you asked for this okay.” The older man leaned in and let the tip of his erection tease at Ram’s outer gate.

“Fuck man,” Ram replied as his outer skin area felt the hardness of what he thought was another finger or rather fingers of the older man. “Man will you just get it back up my ass.” He begged.

“Good boy, “Jared answered back. He cupped and squeezed Ram’s nut-sack knowing it would send another explosion of stimuli to Ram.

“FUCKING GET IT BACK IN ME!” Ram howled as his mind reeled from the hit his balls just gave him.

“Well, I’m happy to comply.” Jared smirked as he used the diversion to push his hard cock down between the final inches of Ram’s tight and round butt-cheeks. Gently he eased his way till he hit the loosened outer muscle ring guarding the hunk’s anal cavity. Jared snickered as he gazed into the dilated eyes of the self-proclaimed “total top” and pushed into him!


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