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Smile for the camera Ben
Part 3 - Part 3
By Kyle Cicero

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“I must be totally wasted,” Ram said as the figure of Jared came closer. Ram still tried to rationalize the situation in his vodka addled brain as a sort of boozy illusion even when Jared got so close that Ram could feel the smaller man’s body heat. Ram looked down at Jared’s upturned face. “This is not happening,” he slurred.

Jared broke out in a grin as he reached out to push Ram backward. “Oh boy it is trust me.”

The push caused Ram to stagger backward. The back of his legs hit the bed frame causing the young star to lose his balance. “Shit,” was all he was able to say before he fell back onto the bed.

“Just the way a boy should be,” Jared laughed as he moved in and lay on top of Ram. “On his back ready & to be fucked.”

Ram was still stunned. His brain told him this could not be a resurrected Jared yet his torso felt the hard muscled body of the man on top of his own. He found himself face to face with Jared gazing into the muscle man’s blue eyes. “Get off me man.” Ram blurted out as he squirmed to get out from under Jared’s body. Even though Ram was much taller the smaller man had more muscle mass and easily held the younger stud down. “Let me up,” Ram grunted as his body wiggled helplessly under Jared.

“Easy boy,” Jared said with a grin as he ground his crotch hard onto Ram’s. “You know boy I’ve seen your sex scenes and no one every really kissed you right. I’m going fix that boy.” Jared sneered mockingly while he repeatedly pushed his basket firmly onto Ram’s. “Time to show my boy how a real man kisses him.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Ram sputtered. Who the fuck did Jared think he was saying shit like that to him? Ram was just about to a attempt one more push to get Jared off of him when Jared’s crotch massage caused Ram’s KC’s to ride up to tightly compress the younger man’s ball-sack. The nut squeezing triggered its usual reaction in Ram of intense pleasure. “Gees.” Ram wheezed recognizing the all too familiar thrill he just received. The sensation broke his concentration just enough to enable Jared to go for his kiss.

Jared leaned in and went to it. His full lips brushed Ram’s own lips slightly letting the blonde man’s moustache tickle sensually on Ram’s own bare skin. Jared’s tongue flickered out to tease along Ram’s lips. Ram felt a bolt of desire as Jared’s tongue lapped just faintly enough get them tingling. As Jared worked on Ram’s outer mouth the muscular blonde’s huge bulge continued pressing, easing off & then, grinding down once more on Ram’s own basket in an erotic series of movements that he repeated over and over until Jared soon had Ram shivering with lust.

“Shit,” Ram sighed, as his lips were explored Jared’s tongue. Suddenly he found his legs spreading to get more of his own basket area open to the delightful dry humping Jared was giving it. “Fucking shit.” He had never had anyone kiss him this way before. Every nerve in his full lips was alive. In addition, the varied pressures on his nuts were driving him wild. “Fucking shit.” He growled as his senses took over and his liquored impaired brain spun out of full awareness.

Jared brushed his lips gently across Ram’s until the young porn star’s mouth opened. Jared slipped his tongue down Ram’s now eager throat. Even as he did so Jared continued to thrust his crotch down harder on Ram’s growing budge only to then ease off before then thrusting down harder still. “This is how a man kisses his boy,” Jared whispered as he worked both ends of the taller hunk’s frame keeping Ram mentally off balance.

“Oh fuck.” Ram said as he found himself squirming from the double assault. “Kiss me more please,” he yelped as his mind went into in full heat. Ram’s mouth full opened even as he spread his long legs even farther apart to receive the maximum impact of Jared’s crotch-humping. “Man my fucking nuts love this.” Ram said slowly. “Fucking ... hot ... kiss me Jared. Go for it.”

“Happy to oblige,” Jared responded as he pressed his mouth down fast so that Ram’s own mouth was fully covered.

Ram experienced a tongue probing unlike anything he had ever known before; he couldn’t catch his breath. The sensation he was getting from Jared’s bulge upon his balls combined with the kissing was driving him into an uncontrollable arousal. “Ummpth,” the taller young hunk murmured as the smaller man’s frame lay wiggling lewdly on his taller body. “Moreth,” Ram cried as a hunger to let this guy take charge faintly flickered to life in his mind. Ram soon discovered that, if he lifted his waist up slightly whenever Jared eased off, the later thrust back down by Jared created an extremely enjoyable effect on Ram’s sack. “Fucking son of a bitch,” Ram weakly grunted as his younger taller body became a playground for the more mature smaller man that was now riding him to heights of arousal. He gave up trying to push Jared off of him.

In fact, by now Ram couldn’t care less whether this was all a liquor fantasy. He succumbed to the sensuality and he simply exploded with desire. He reached up to embrace Jared and mewed contently as his mouth and crotch spread the stimuli to every other cell if his being. “Hiimth,” Ram whimpered lightly. “Yeth!”

Suddenly Jared’s mouth pulled away.

“No man,” Ram cried. By now he was so turned on he was desperate not to conclude this make-out session.

Jared just smiled as he softly massaged Ram’s lips with his thumb. Jared made sure however to continue wiggling his hips to maintain the crotch on crotch massage.

“Yeah,” Ram moaned as his lips parted. He sucked in Jared’s thumb rolling it sensually in his eager throat.

“Yeah boy,” Jared whispered as he watched Ram literally getting turned on even more by just sucking another guy’s thumb. He gazed down at the nice rise in Ram’s crotch. “Let’s free you up down there, okay boy,” he smirked as he reached down to free Ram.

“Uh huh,” Ram quietly sighed as he let Jared’s thumb further explore inside his mouth. Ram was completely hot now and he was barely was aware of Jared’s actions in stripping him until his lower body felt the cool air as it ran across his, now naked, lower half. “Oh fuck,” Ram grunted as his cock rubbed against the rough surface of the crotch area of Jared’s pants.

“Time to show you something boy,” Jared said as he pulled away his thumb and replaced it in Ram’s mouth with a finger. “Suck it boy. Get it nice and wet. It’s got something to do.” Jared hissed.

“Uh huh,” the boozed out and turned on younger star stammered as he licked and slobbered on Jared’s finger. By now, Ram’s cock had risen to its full height from the massage Jared’s crotch was giving to it.

“Okay its wet enough,” Jared replied as he took his finger from Ram’s mouth and then re-clamped his own mouth back onto Ram’s. Jared’s tongue made passionate love to Ram’s oral cavity keeping Ram lost in a daze of arousal unlike anything he had ever known before from another guy.

The young stud felt Jared’s hand run down his chest and hard stomach. The rough palm of the blonde hunk was stimulating as it caressed Ram’s skin. Suddenly Jared grabbed Ram’s nipples and gave each a violent twist.

“Son of a bitch,” Ram muffled yelped as a shot if pain raced to his brain. His eyes popped fully open and he went rigid.

Jared stopped kissing him. “Easy there boy,” Jared instructed as he mashed his basket area back down hard into Ram’s crotch literally squeezing Ram’s sensitive balls in tandem with the nipple work he was now doing to Ram’s brown orbs.

The all too familiar sensations of pleasure from Ram’s nuts set off signals of satisfaction that easily that overrode the conflicting pain in his nipples. “Ow ...oh ...fuck...” he whined in an ever decreasing protest. After a few more minutes the pain in his chest area lessened and was replaced by stimuli of erotic heat. “Shit,” Ram lightly groaned. His pupils dilated as this erogenous zone was fully exploited. He soon let himself be roughly felt up by Jared until his nipples were firm and erect. “Man, my nips,” Ram exhaled contently as he let his eyelids close.

“Next step, boy,” Jared said. “Upsie daisy now.”

Ram felt his long tapered legs being hoisted up onto Jared’s broad shoulders soon followed by a hard object probing along his butt-hole. His bleary eyes opened wide staring into Jared’s blues. “What,” Ram moaned.

“I’m going to finger you out, boy,” Jared growled. “Going to open you like you should have been from day one you are going to love it too.” The formerly deceased adult star said as his finger went to work on the previously untouched opening of Ram’s rear-end.

Ram was about to object but then the first effects of Jared’s expert fingering hit him. “Aw gees,” Ram uttered. His brain recalled the scene he had viewed wherein Jared’s fingered out his costar so well the other guy was moaning and twitching on screen. Ram could now understand it because his body was shivering in erotic heat under this similar activity. It was a true out-of-body experience for the self-proclaimed ‘total top’! “Fucking gees.” He said once more as he involuntarily eased down on the probing finger.

Jared was grinning lewdly now. “Oh yeah you are taking nicely to this so far boy.” He hooted gleefully as he watched Ram's body undergo a series of quakes. "Oh yes," Jared teased as kept up his hand job into Ram’s cherry.


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