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Smile for the camera Ben
Part 2 - Part 2
By Kyle Cicero

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Ram took another short of Vodka as he sat in his trailer in the empty soundstage. “Fucking faggot think I’ll ever get fucked.” He smirked as he took another shot. “That will be the day I ever bitch my straight hole.” He yelled to no one in particular. “Jared bottomed,” he laughed as he recalled Mark’s words. “Yeah bet that faggot did too!”

Ram fumed thinking about Jared. True the man had been a legend but Ram felt that was in the dead past. In point of fact Ram had seen every one of the deceased star’s films at least once and even Ram had to admit that the guy was truly fantastically hot. The way he brought his costars to a climax while getting plugged was amazing. The guy didn’t simply fuck them. it was clear Jared blew their minds while he creamed their asses. Having starred now in numerous films, Ram could detect the when the guys pulled a fake ‘oh fuck me harder’ routine for a scene. In Jared’s video’s it was all too obvious that his costars were literally crazy for his dick work in their butts. That was probably why his films still sold but gees, Ram thought, when would Mark stop using his name in every argument Ram had with him. Even the staff used Jared’s name with awe.

Ram got up and stretched. He looked out of his trailer and instantly saw one of the numerous posters of Jared’s videos that Mark had on the soundstage walls. Ram stared at his deceased rival’s face. “Hey Jared, I bet you’d have been my bitch.” He said to the empty air. “Well, if you’d had lived I guess. Stupid falling light got you just before a shoot huh faggot.” Ram hooted as he left his trailer. The young stud walked over to the stage area where the director had set up for the shot of Ram getting fucked. Cameras and set stood ready but empty.

“Yeah,” Ram slurred as the vodka took hold. “Me getting plowed and on a video too ... as if I ever would do that shit like some limp wristed faggot.” He chuckled as he lay down on the bed they had set up for his proposed ‘un-topping’. “Hey Jared you around faggot.” Ram yelled to the vast soundstage as he spread his legs so he could fondle his low hangers. Thinking about going at it with the ‘Great Jared’ got him horny. All everyone at Bolt ever talked about was how hot this guy was and how he had a ‘take charge’ attitude that carried over even into his scenes where he bottomed.

“Hey Jared, you want to go head to head for a little mano a mano, you faggot,” Ram growled seductively. Silence was the only reply. “What, no takers huh,” Ram continued as he rubbed himself into an erection that strained against his tight jeans. Ram slowly unzipped and opened his jeans to reveal his impressive package thrusting upward against his CK’s. He smirked as he lightly ran his fingertips downward along the round curve of his ball-sack that was snugly held in place by his bikini underwear. Ram always favored tight bikini underwear that was a weave of soft cotton threads. He reveled in the sensuality it always gave him of having his balls being so snugly cupped. He particularly enjoyed the sensations his sack received when his fingertips ran gently along the material. “Yeah that’s right Jared keep quiet.” He sighed to himself drifting away on the familiar heated sensations his fingers were giving his sack as he lightly scratched across their surface. “Ah yeah pansy, I thought so. Looks like the big old queen is too afraid to take me on, huh.”

By now Ram was warming to his challenge as the booze and his arousal clouded his mind. “Come on Jared come here and take my ass you whimpering shrimp. Try it I dare you!” Ram let his fingers move down to fondle the place where his nuts met his ass. He teased at the area turning himself on both by the erotic stimuli it gave him and by thoughts about Jared. “Yeah super stud Jared taking my ass and making me some bottom bitch.” Ram broke out into peals of laughter over that idea. His mocking voice echoed in the building. He was so busy getting himself off that he never noticed that something began to stir in this room that Jared had once performed in as a star. A room, where he had sexually performed in so many films and, where he ultimately died in. Ram was still shouting out mocks and masturbating in his pants when an apparition approached him.

“Oh man I need to get off,” Ram moaned as he closed his eyes and rubbed himself with more vigor. He eased his tight whites down just a bit to free up his throbbing erection but still keep his nuts enclosed in the underwear. He then adjusted his thick cock to let the top of his bikini’s move back up to pin his erection back down against his hard eight pac. “Ah fuck yes,” Ram grunted as he closed his eyes and let his thumb flick across the sensitive exposed under shaft of his meat while the tips of his fingers continued to lightly scratch his churning pouch in a series of circular motions. “Oh man yes.” He hissed as his breathing deepened.

He loved jerking off like this with his balls pressed tightly upward and his cock pressing down on his abs while he stroked to a climax. That trapped feeling his balls experienced as they blew a wad up his cock’s shaft always brought him a fantastic climax. When it was combined with the warmth of his cum shooting up across his stomach and then upward between his round pecs Ram was in heaven. “Yeah Jared.” He unconsciously whimpered as an image of the deceased star flickered around his mind. Ram moaned and eased his hips up into his manual stimulations. His balls tingled hand’s play on them. Without realizing what he was doing he slipped his fingers lower fondle between his cheeks now. His actions soon caused his tight whites to ride inward and deeper into his crack so that it almost had become a thong. Ram’s fingers wandered into the valley between his round firm rump.

“Oh fuck.” Ram grunted as he spun out of control and became mentally fixated solely on his activities. His body took on a wet sheen both from his internal arousal and the hot lights that shown o him. The sweat from his trapped cock mingled with the leaking of his pre-cum to create a nice friction in the space where his rod pressed on his hard abdominals. As Ram gulped in air his ribbed abs rippled on his cock. The top of his underwear shifted up and down on the under side of Ram’s rigid pole in time with his gulps of air. The elastic band of his tight bikinis was literally taking over in masturbating the hot young star as it rode up and down on his shaft in time with his panting. “Fucking Jared.” He muttered as used his other free hand to reach up under his shirt to twist his round nipples to a rigid hardness. He was so close now. “I’m going to pop my load man,” Ram groaned to the air reveling in feeling himself up here all alone in the empty soundstage. He recalled a scene from one of Jared’s old videos where Jared expertly fingered out his costar’s hole. The look of blissful ecstasy on his costar as his opening got the full treatment from Jared’s finger. “Fuck wish I had another free hand to rub my butt-hole like that,” he mumbled without realizing that his other hand was now deeply into his crack and doing that very activity upon his anal opening. Ram bucked rapidly on the bed now. “Oh fuck yeah a finger massage my hole right there.” He sighed as his climax approached.

“Kind of a waste just playing down there by yourself. I think you’d like it more if it was my dick up your ass boy,” A gruff voice said in the quiet space.

Ram’s eyes popped open. He came to reality and instantly his hard-on began to sag. “Who’s there?” He barked propping himself up on his elbows after quickly rearranging his dick back into his bikini briefs. “Answer me you shit-head!” he yelled. It took Ram a few extra seconds to get his still semi-hard rod back in its outer clothing, which sent a blush of embarrassment coursing through him. That combined with his ‘failure to launch sexually’ only got him angrier. He shifted his body to the edge if the bed and grimaced at the sight of the large wet spot in his crotch. “Shit,” he grumbled. He looked around the soundstage. “WHO THE FUCK IS HERE?” He yelled louder to find out who it was who had obviously slipped in to spy on his private self pleasuring. Silence was his only reply.

“I said who the fuck is here?” Ram growled through gritted teeth. He suddenly saw someone standing just beyond the scenery lights. “Get your ass over here.” Ram hollered as he swung off the bed and rapidly stood up. The vodka he has consumed hit him. Ram swayed slightly but rallied from a sheer effort to remain standing.

“You called me out boy for a toe to toe encounter,” the figure in the shadows said as he moved forward toward Ram. “So I’m here.” The light suddenly hit the man exposing him to a full view.

Ram’s eyes widened as he recognized the man. “Jared?”

The man chuckled lewdly. “Come to life just for awhile.”

“You...can’t.” Ram sputtered. “You’re dead.” Ram felt dizzy from the vodka he had consumed and this didn’t make him feel any better.

“Hey you sent me the challenge boy.” Jared smirked continuing toward the young stud. “So I’m here.”

“Challenge?” Ram responded still in shock and yet thinking as well that he had to be drunk at seeing the dead 35-year-old actor standing in front of him.

“Who best to punk that fuck-able ass you got then me, right boy.” Jared replied crossing his powerful arms across his muscled chest and showing that grinning look that still gave men a tingling hunger whenever they saw it on a poster of video.

“You fuck me?” Ram sputtered. His body was weaving due to still being slightly high and now totally confused. “You want to fuck me?” He found himself repeating.

“Exactly my thought,” Jared responded as he moved toward Ram smiling wolfishly. “Glad you asked boy.”

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