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Smile for the camera Ben
Part 1 - Part 1
By Kyle Cicero

A certain CA porn site has been giving big publicity about one of their guys bottoming for his first time. In light of the hoopla over it, I give you...


By Kyle Cicero

“Look Mark, you asshole. Let’s get this straight, okay,” the muscular young guy yelled to the older man sitting across from him behind the desk. “I fuck anything that moves for your fucking bucks, but I don’t get fucked, got it!”

The older man quietly seethed. As the owner and producer of Bolt Boyz Studio, he was not used to getting such treatment. Unlike others in the porn industry, he had paid his guys well and constantly treated everyone with respect ever since he began his production company over 35 years ago.

He gripped his desk trying not to lose his cool with his ‘star’ Ram M. Hard. He marveled at the monster he had single-handedly created. Young Ram was a 24-year-old superstar in gay porn that had exploded on the porn scene six years ago in a Bolt video. A young man of flawless dark beauty with a defined chiseled frame and dark curly hair, he had been a six-foot-two inch tall walking wet dream come true for his fans. Thirty movies later, his cold green eyes set in a stunning face still graced porn magazine covers throughout the world as a number one top star. Men paid up every time to see Ram verbally denigrate then fuck countless guys who usually topped in other movie releases. His superior and smug sneering delivery of the lines ‘just bend over you pathetic faggot’ accompanied later during his fucking of them by a snarling, ‘yeah I knew you were really a bitch’ as they moaned under his powerful cock thrusts made that first video an instant bestseller. Since then Ram used the lines in every shoot just before his fuck scene. They became his classic trademark speeches in every one of his flicks.

Ram was Bolt’s studios biggest draw. They had not had a porn star of this magnitude since Mark’s original founding discovery of Jared Strong back when Bolt was just starting up. The middle-aged producer’s mind drifted back to those days. It had once been all fun and new in the beginning. Mark was 21 when he found Jared. The agreeable young hunk had been a walking dream. While not actually tall at five feet eight inches, the 28 year old Jared had more than made up for it by with a tightly muscled build, which, in combination with his icy blue eyes, long blonde shoulder-length hair and sporting that long mustache so popular back then. Jared had put Bolt Studios on the map. His death at 35 from a freak accident on the very soundstage they were shooting in today had crushed Mark. For many years after, things had been financially bleak at Bolt Studios until one day Mark came across Ben Tyler, a surfer from California. The guy was all attitude even then, yet the young teenager had the breathtaking good looks and a finely sculpted body that caused every guy that ever saw him to embarrassingly think, ‘Fuck, I’m getting a hard-on looking at him’. Mark had signed the young stud up at once even though the surfer sneeringly told Mark he was not gay but liked showing off for money even if it was for queers. After getting the price he demanded, Ben had agreed to ‘gay-for-pay’ in his first video as long as he was the sexual aggressor. Ben Tyler became Ram M. Hard, the total top who put down gay men in his films and established that alpha male persona that now made it unbearable to work with him.

Mark, as the founder of the studio, had put up with a lot from the star he had discovered on a California beach because the money to keep the studio going was due to Ram’s drawing capacity. Ram knew this, and his demands grew in proportion as well. Unfortunately for Ram, his tantrums on set had also made him a legend in the business so much so no other studio wanted to put up with him despite his obvious marquee value.

“Listen Ben,” Mark sighed using Ram’s real name.

“It’s ‘Ram’ now, you jerk. Understand?” Ram seethed. “I always hated Ben.”

“Sorry,” the middle aged pudgy owner quickly replied holding in a building anger. “In every movie you make, you verbally degrade and then top the co-star. Every single one you fucking make. Lately though you’ve been degrading your on-screen co-stars in interviews too. I mean you verbally trash them in print, putting them down as bottom boys and rambling on how a real alpha guy like you doesn’t give up his ass. Your fans are rumbling about how you need to be put in your place.”

“So who gives a fuck what those faggots want?” the smug star responded. “They still seem to pay for seeing this mount and punk some so-called top’s ass,” Ram smirked as he grabbed his crotch lewdly. “Ain’t had any complaints from the pansies you hire to co-star in my films. They seem to cream over my thick uncut 10 inches, and my big fucking nuts fill them right up too.”

“Well our newest survey’s show that your fans, while they adore you,” Mark added in an attempt to forestall another outburst from his temperamental actor. “Well there is some fallout slippage in sales. The major thing is the fans now seem to want you to drop this gay-for-pay persona you shout about,” he stammered as he saw Ben’s eyelids narrow. “This top thing is great but maybe a hot bottom role for you would give them the...”

He never finished talking as Ram leaned over the desk to grab Mark and pull him close. Mark could see the bulging biceps of his star rippling under his short sleeves. “I am not a fag you pathetic old queen. I only fuck guys for money. Okay its fun watching these fairies that only topped in their other films, go down for me and all but I’m straight got it. My ass,” Ram bellowed as he reached back to smack his round form posterior for emphasis. “Is fucking untouchable!” He threw Mark back in his chair and turned and stormed out. “I am a man, got it you fruitcake,” Ram yelled.

“Ram even Jared bottomed.” Mark coughed looking over to the nearby wall, which had a poster of Jared’s image from his first video for Bolt studios. “It didn’t make him less than a man.”

Ram stopped and turned his head to face Mark. “Listen,” he hissed, “taking it up the butt is for queers. As for that bitch, Jared, man if he were around today that shrimp of a pansy would be moaning like the faggot bitch in heat for my cock. Yeah even squealing for more as I impaled his sorry ass on my cock!” Ram turned his head away and continued striding out while yelling. “Fucking don’t forget it you sorry old queen. I am never to be called Ben and I never bottom.”

“Lousy bastard,” Mark grunted as he watched Ram stomp away. As angry as he was, he had to admit that Ram was still a walking wet dream. Seeing him from the back with those broad shoulders tapering down to that narrow waist before flaring out into one high round mouth watering rump Mark felt what they all felt on seeing Ram’s ass: a cock tingling throb of pure lust.

The producer reached for some aspirin. Ram’s attitude was getting worse. In actual fact Mark had wanted his big draw to bottom in the hope that Ram, in giving up his precious rump on film, would stop his haughty attitude & subtle put downs of his costars. Mark also knew Ram’s ‘top only’ act was starting to decrease his porn appeal. “Fuck Ram why can’t you see a few rare bottoming scenes will give your career more longevity,” he muttered. Mark thought as he sighed and glanced over to the poster of Jared. “Buddy if only you were here to pop him for us!”

Mark pressed the buzzer on his desk. “Tell the director it’s a no go on Ram getting plowed.” He grumbled into the intercom. “Wrap up today for the weekend. We rethink the video. On Monday we shoot whatever Ram agrees to do.”

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