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Sir Tristran Auberge
Part 4 - Mounted At The Auction
By Kyle Cicero

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Sir Tristan Auberge: A Templar tale

By Kyle Cicero

Another rather longer tale ‘from the vaults’ of stories that have not yet appeared on the Net.

Part 4. Mounted At The Auction

A gong sounded and Hathor broke off contact with the trussed up warrior. As Tristan tried to regain his composure, two men wheeled in a small bench and placed it in front of the young knight.

Without warning they disconnected the Templar’s arms from the overhead bindings and rapidly pulled the young fighter face first over the bench, which literally had him bare-arsed up on the surface of the item. The men then proceeded to tightly secure his arms to a ring in the front area of the bench. They next pulled on his leg chains and re-secured them to opposing walls thus forcing Tristan to spread his legs into a wide-open position. A rush of cool air in the room hit the moist area between the cheeks of his anus and caused the bound warrior to flinch then unsuccessfully attempt to clench his butt together to stop the chill. The effect was to create a wave of amusement in the crowd.

“He needs something warm back there,” one old man cackled as Tristan lay there hopelessly humiliated by this newest public degradation at the hands of his enemies. “Well, soon he will be properly heated,” another old man barked causing, whoops of glee from the crowd even as a surge of mortification swept over Tristan.

The two men next placed golden jewel-encrusted bands on the helpless knight’s wrists and biceps as a struggling Tristan gyrated on the surface of the table, desperate to force the men to stop what he now feared was about to occur. Unexpectedly his gag was removed, and once more he felt the presence of someone coming up behind him.

“Hathor, is that you?” he croaked in panic as the person moved between Tristan’s splayed muscular thighs. The brushes of the man’s rippling thigh muscles across the young captive’s own more sensitive inner thighs caused him to shiver. The sensation—he was horrified to discover—was not entirely unwelcome. “What are you going to do?” he asked, terrified of the answer.

Silence was his only response as the man moved in closer. Tristan could feel more of the stranger’s hard firm thighs rubbing on his own as the man’s body wedged himself directly between the helpless knight’s splayed legs. The comforting warmth from his body heated Tristan’s anus. Tristan found himself widening his legs to accommodate the firm torso whose bodily touch now tingled his senses. Then without warning Tristan’s anal hole felt the prodding of a firm circular object bumping against the soft moist ring area that marked the entryway into his guts.

Tristan’s eyes widened as he realized what this meant. He was to be mounted as if he was a woman. Worse, he was to be defiled publicly! He began to struggle in his bindings as his eyes took in the smirks on the faces of the men in front of him. He couldn’t let this happen. Yet, he was so tightly bound that he could not stop it. Then a desperate idea came to him. “Hathor, don’t do this,” Tristan hoarsely begged as the hardness of another’s manhood rubbed against his anal opening.  

The crowd began to yell as the man behind Tristan rubbed his cock even more seductively at the hole of the terrified young warrior.

“Please don’t, Hathor,” Tristan blurted out in panic as he squeezed his anal ring muscles tighter. “Not like this, not here,” he quietly wailed using a low voice so the mob in front of him could not hear his entreaty. “I’ll willingly submit. I want to I swear but please not in front of them.”

By now Tristan was unsure if the man poised to plow into him was Hathor. He suddenly realized he desired that any deflowering be at the hands of the good-looking guard whose touch always sparked Tristan’s sensory circuits into full arousal.

The man continued both his silence and his cock rubbings on the knight’s outer anal ring. The effect of this massaging soon created a shower of sensual excitement across the captive fighter’s anal cavity. Soon the erotic effects of this skillful frottage had the buff young warrior writhing in a burst of arousal. His anal ring unclenched.

“Oh sweet Jesu,” Tristan mumbled as his cock filled only to find itself mashed between the hard table’s surface and the equally firm ribbed abdominals of the bound young man. The thought that he was enjoying this form of anal contact shamed him to his knightly core. He resolved to fight the obscene desires he was sensing and to never display such a degrading weakness in front of these men. He was a manly knight in the service of his king. He would not cry out in pleasure at what was being done to him and thus disgrace his vows and honor!

He moved his powerful frame slightly trying to take some pressure off his own cock, but the effort only succeeded in increasing the stimuli to his now respectable erection. A muffled sigh of “aww” escaped from his lips causing someone in the crowd to chuckle. Tristan gritted his teeth and focused his thoughts to drive out the effects of the other man’s actions at his increasingly sensitized rear end.

In spite of his resolve to not react in front of his assembly of foes, Tristan found himself helpless to fight off an urge to climax that built up in tandem to the anal activities that were being performed on his chute. “Oh Lord,” Tristan heard himself unwillingly cry out as his cock unexpectedly lurched without warning against his stomach. He felt the throb of his ejaculations followed by the heated moist wetness that signified he had indeed once more shamed himself and spilled his seed.

He dropped his head down, unwilling to see the facial reactions from the crowd, which he was sure would come once what he had done was detected. Surely, he thought, whoever was behind him must have observed his disgraceful emission.Tristan could sense his oozing spunk seeping out from under him. Yet, to his surprise, the man backed away without penetrating him.  Someone clapped. The knight glanced up and saw that everyone was quietly leaving. After they had gone, the same two men who had secured him to the table released him. They took him from the room to a smaller chamber where he was told to bathe.

As Tristan washed himself, a wave of utter defeat filled him. He had ejaculated due to an arousal that came from the mere touch of another man’s cock on his anal chute. What kind of man have I become,he wailed quietly in his fevered brain. He wondered as well why the man had not gone forward and publicly penetrated him.

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