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Sir Tristran Auberge
Part 3 - On Display At The Auction
By Kyle Cicero

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Sir Tristan Auberge: A Templar tale

By Kyle Cicero

Another rather longer tale ‘from the vaults’ of stories that have not yet appeared on the Net.

Part 3. On Display At The Auction

When the brave knight awoke, he was amazed to find himself in another room. His arms were bound to the ceiling and he was still gagged. When he attempted to move, he also realized that chains had been clasped on each of his ankles. These were fastened to the walls in a manner that kept his legs apart in a spread eagle position. He stood on some sort of staircase that seemed to stop on where he stood. The rest of the room was lower, as if the staircase was some sort of stage, and the remainder of the place was an audience chamber. A bright light shown down upon him; when he glanced down he noticed his body had been oiled causing his buff body’s muscles to glisten. A door opened to the side, and a crowd of men entered. Tristan recalled Hathor’s words before he had passed out: “AUCTION!” He was on display. He was to be sold like some animal.

By now all of the events that had occurred during his captivity flooded into his brain. He had been publicly degraded. His knightly vow of chastity was shattered in the most obscene manner possible. Not just once, but repeatedly and with others fully witnessing his shame. He was no better than some animal that now rutted on command. His proud self-image of a virginal knight sworn to holy war was gone. Worse he had eagerly complied in the end simply to please Hathor.

He heard a sound behind him as if someone was walking down the stairs. Then, without warning, the strong firm body of another naked man pressed seductively into his hindquarters. The man’s muscled arms came around and embraced the trussed up knight’s body and slowly began to massage his chest area. “Sweet Jesu,”the strapping blonde haired fighter groaned, taken by surprise at how good that other hard torso felt against his back. He found himself reveling in this first kind contact from another since he had been taken prisoner. Unconsciously, he leaned further backward into this strong, warm and very comforting masculine embrace. Another person had never touched Tristan’s body so intimately before, and the sensuality of the sensations he was now receiving overwhelmed him. He closed his eyes as he mentally blocked out his surroundings and concentrated on just the man and his movements.

By now the man’s hands had reached Tristan nipples and began to lightly tweak them. A series of delightful tingling shot from them throughout Tristan’s body.

“Lord, preserve me,” the strapping young captive wheezed into his gag. The pinching activities of the man’s fingers slowly increased causing sharp stinging sensations that were somehow painful yet sensual. Tristan found, to his shock, he liked this being done to him. He closed his eyes tighter to focus solely on the feelings the stimuli gave him. He could sense his cock slightly responding to the attentions his nipples were receiving from the muscled man who even now was pressed deeply against the rear of his torso. The combination of the hands on his chest and the firm hardness of that body humping into him was thrilling Tristan on a deeper level. He could feel his nipples grow hard, and his breathing quickened. At some point he detected the other man’s semi-hard cock moving downward between his spread cheeks and rubbing the soft heretofore-untouched area of his inner anus. Far from being disgusted by this activity and his responses to them, Tristan found the combined sensations overwhelmingly erotic. Soon, without realizing it, he sprouted into a full erection. “Harder please,” he mumbled not sure to which activity he was directing his plea too. Was it the man’s tweaking of his nipples or the hardness of something lower down that he now craved?

It was then he felt something solid and metallic squeezing around his crotch area and breaking his reverie. His eyes popped open. He saw the crowds had somehow entered the room and realized what he been doing. Hurriedly he pulled his body away from the man behind him. He gazed downward to the area of his body he had initially felt being squeezed. He found, to his horror. that some sort of metallic ring had been secured around the base of his nut-sack. The effect was to thrust his balls and, more humiliatingly, his fully erect cock outward from his muscled frame. He stared wild eyed at the men who were pointing and laughing while the man behind him continued fondling varied parts of his front torso.

“This is all just a part of your training, Tristan,” a familiar voice whispered into the dumbstruck knight’s ear. “Part of being trained,” the man stated.

Tristan shook his head. He recognized the voice. It was Hathor! His cock lurched as this realization came to him causing the hapless captive to flush with shame by its reaction. “Noth,” he gurgled in his gag. He writhed in his bonds as he tried to shake off Hathor’s renewed embrace even as his well-built body tingled with heat from his captor’s touch.

The crowd was roaring encouragements now to Hathor as he “felt-up” the muscled frame of the pale haired knight. His calloused palm ran slowly up the sensitive under-shaft of Tristan’s upturned erection. A cascade of arousal flared at the now familiar touch of the guard on his manhood. “Noth,” the pale skinned warrior groaned as his body tingled with growing heat. The derisive hoots of the assembled men filled Tristan’s ears as the bound Templar moaned with every new touch from Hathor on his well-built torso. Yet, knowing it was Hathor’s body pressing against him, abusing him stimulated something in Tristan.

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