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The Torturers Apprentice
Part 6 - Toys in the Play Room
By Catglee (Illustrated by catglee)

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Chapter Six – Toys in the Play Room


This Session starts off the same as usual. Rosta is hard-scrubbed with the stiff bristles until he is sensitized for what is to come.

He probably thinks that it will be more of the same: getting whacked with stiff whisk brooms. Instead he is brought face to face with a panel of my assistants and me.


“You have made yourself proud in the way you have endured our previous methods. However there are other tools in our arsenal. Long gone are the days of the whip and the hot poker, the rack and the Iron Maiden. This is an electronic age and our utensils reflect that trend. Look closely and see some of the implements I have at my disposal.”


“And then there are non-electronic devices: the wooden paddle so popular in college fraternities and the wall paper scraper that can cause nasty red scratches.”


“Take a look and see which one you may prefer,” I say toying with him.

He pretends to look over the array and looking up, shakes his head in denial.

“Very well then, allow my assistants to make a choice of the instrument and the bondage position you will be placed in.”

Ludwig chooses the black-handled zapper and has Rosta spread-eagle on his back.


Zapping first the inner thighs, working his way up to the cock and heavy balls, he makes Savitch twist and turn in his secure restraints. The crackling noise of the sparks fill the room. The arm pits and the meaty pointy nipples are given much attention. And yet the prisoner remains silent, he does not even issue a groan or a sigh.

Next Rosta is tied face up to a padded gymnastics horse. Before resuming the zapping, Ludwig works the cock up to a full erection with steady hand strokes.


The sensitive soles of his feet are attended to before moving up to the stiff prick.

Clearly Rosta is pained when the tender corona of his penis is kissed by the sparker. The hard shaft is played up and down its full length. Next come the heavy pendulous testicles.

It is fascinating to watch how Savitch endures this without relent. His body jerks in response to every zap and spark. And yet he still has not been broken.

Now he is strung up to the ceiling and metal clamps pinch his sensitive nipples, the metal is a good conductor of painful electricity.


I just love the way he jumps back every time the zapper gets near. Visibly you can see he hates to have his taut belly poked at. He reacts the most strongly when his squeezed nipples are given jolt after jolt.


One more position is employed: having Savitch seated in a chair, arms behind the back of his head and legs spread wide. Ludwig works over his hard cock and big ball sack. He is constantly erect due to the vibrator shoved up his butt, buzzing flush against his prostate gland. His sensitive arm pits are given their share of attention as well.


After hours of this game it is getting late. Next time we play with another fun toy or two.

To Be Continued......

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