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The Milk Man Attacks
Part 2 - The Milk Man Attacks 2
By Arthur Hero

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The Milk Man Attacks Part 2

Razor, Kid Marble and Slick infiltrated the lair. The goal was to secure Ivan The Terrible to turn off that horrific cyborg. They decided it was best to stay together in order to make sure they

Brick was in the clutches of a terrifying creature. It's metallic snout covered his cock. It was visible that needles punctured his large cock. He was bound by every muscle by long, scary, tentacles. And inside the cyborgs glass stomach was a half full  of cum. The monster was milking Brick to death. 

"What the fuck is that thing?" Slick said.

"It's the Milk Man." Razor said.

"That's a cute name." Kid Marble said.

"Poor Brick, that thing is probably hurting him." Slick said.

Kid Marble moved close to a vent and it collapsed under him. The muscle pup dangled and his codpiece and ass jiggled. Razor tried to pull him up but the hero fell to the ground. 

"It's like Christmas came early." Doc said. The villain walked up to the dazed muscle hero. 

"Seize him!" Ivan said.

It was Ram, a super giant muscle villain with incredible strength. He grabbed Kid Marble by the throat and was choking him.

"I'm gonna snap his neck." Ram said. "Surrender heroes. All of you.!"

Kid Marble gasped for air. His 5'7 muscle frame was no match for the 400lb 7 foot Ram. Ram took out his brutal titanium brass knuckles and began to squeeze Kid Marble's juicy latin balls.

"AGHHHHHHHHHH." Kid Marble yelled.

"Come with me without a fight or he dies." Ram said. 

Razor and Slick jumped down and kneeled. 

"Take me instead." Razor said. "Let the young guys go."

"No, no, no!" Doc said. "This cat and mouse game is over."

Slick and Kid Marble were tied together by Ram with barbed wire. Their butt cheeks rubbed against each other and as they moved the wire cut into their thighs, abs and biceps where they were bound. Ram hung them up on a chain that dropped down from the ceiling. Bound and trapped the muscle pups tried to get out. Ram  squeezed both of their codpieces with his massive titanium hands. 

"AHHHHHHHH!" Slick yelled. 

"My balls." Kid Marble yelled.

Ivan activated two cyborgs.

Razor was trapped. His red suit. The chocolate skinned stud was now in the lair surrounded by two Milk Men alone.

"This is going to be a treat," Doc said. Razor sized up one Milk Man. Razor fought valiantly, his huge cock bouncing but the two Milk Men pounced on Razor. Gripping his muscle pecs, thighs and muscle ass they wrapped him into a coil. Next came the injections that inserted the stinging serum.

The attack on Razor was brutal. One Milk Man grabbed Razor from behind and anal pumped its scorpion like metallic tail through the muscle cheeks. The other Milk Man focused on Razor's balls and crushed them. 

"Flatten his ball sack!" Ivan said. Ivan was hard and rubbed his cock as the Milk Men ball busted Razor. They punched his head until a crack was heard in his nasal bone. Razor tried to break free but he couldn't. He stopped fighting and succumbed to the horrific torture.

One Milk Man’s metallic snout opened in two and finally gripped the red rubber codpiece. The metallic teeth clamped down and held the huge thick cock perfectly in its snout. Razor's cock was now locked in. The plump mushroom head was injected with a tube. The tube went all the way down and sounded the huge hick dick. Cum oozed out like a geyser and dripped into the jug in Milk Man’s stomach. Tentacles gripped the balls and injected the venom into his balls. Razor couldn't scream because his face was held by two tentacles. He began to have an allergic reaction to the serum and began to convulse. His muscles tightened and he was fading in and out of consciousness. The more he was in agony the tighter the Milk Men gripped him. The cyborgs didn't have a conscience. All they were programmed to do was paralyze their prey like scorpions and drain the fluids. Razor's cum began to fill the jugs. His cock throbbed in the mouth of the Milk Man.

"Break him boys." 

While one Milk Man pumped Razor's cock. The other Milk Man tore at Razor's uniform. They shred it off and the scratches and lacerations could be seen on his pecs. 

"Drop him," Ivan said.

The Milk Men dropped Razor on the ground. His suit was shredded, his muscles shiny from sweat and tentacle oil. His balls were swollen and his cock was hard. He sprawled on his back and only his boots, belt, and a few pieces of his suit were in tact.

Ivan lifted the dazed Razor to his knees and began to caress the muscle pecs. Doc came behind him and began to rub his hard cock. Ivan squeezed the plump ball sac and cum squirted out on to Ivan's suit.

"Good boy. I can make a fortune from your cum." Ivan said.

The hero collapsed into Ivan's arms and he began to caress his muscle butt. The muscle hero was weak and gave in to the muscle worship on his chocolate muscle skin. His bulge was on Ivan's leg and the hard cock pressed against the villain. 

Razor was spent. The hero at this point just wanted to release his loads of cum and get it over with. Ivan took advantage and groped the big cock. He couldn't believe he had in his clutches a superhero that hid nemesis couldn't capture. Ivan became hard thinking of all the ways he would milk Razor. He would be his new muscle pup. The hero was handsome even with his welts and bruises. Ivan reached down and cupped the balls. He smiled as he began to squeeze the hero.

"Let's finish him off." Doc said. He brought out a large chain and wanted to strangle the muscle hero.

"Not yet," Ivan said. "He can be bait."

"No!" Doc said. "He'll escape somehow they always do. Let's chop his balls off and feed it to him.

Doc was sick of the games. There was Brick the muscle hunk that foiled his plans dazed, drugged and cumming to death. Now was his opportunity to finish him off. Doc grabbed a rusty metal sledge hammer and handed it to a Milk Man.

"Finish him off." Doc said.

Ivan dropped the muscle hero.

"What a waste." The Milk Man lifted the sledge hammer and swung it into Razor's ball sack.

SPLAT!!!! Cum spurted everywhere and the hero screamed from the force.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The other Milk Man began to choke Razor from behind and crush him.

SPLAT!!! The other milk man swung the sledge hammer into Razor's chocolate ball sack. It jiggled and more cum came out.

"Unhand him," a voice called.

It couldn't be. Kid Marble and Slick looked up in surprise as they were bound.

"Slate!" Doc said. "But I saw the video of you getting destroyed by Steel Crusher and Ram!"

Ram stepped up and looked at the hero in disgust. There was Slate, new and improved. He had a 2.0 on his chest piece. His suit was metallic and shiny. 

"The new and improved Slate," Slate said.

It was true after the super ball busting Slate's balls were turned to mush and his cock was fractured. A doctor for the team experimented with a never been done procedure. Slate's balls were injected with stem cells that regenerated his balls to almost double the size. His ball sac was now the size of a grapefruit. The orbs were reconstructed and they formed the perfect muscle ball sac. His cock was reconstructed with the same stem cells that regenerated his girth from a 11 inch cock to a giant 14 inch cock. Due to the nature of his new epididymis and nodules, he was almost always horny. And despite his new other areas his balls was his weak spot. He had to protect them because now he was super sensitive to pain there. His rib cage and femur were reconstructed after Ram broke them with a special titanium. His new suit was a skintight metallic silver suit that was applied like a gel. Every orifice could be seen even his starlike anus. After intense training his pecs were now swollen. His nipples which were poked by Ram was now regrown and double the size. He was a latin god. His codpiece dangled  wrapped and coiled the 14 inch cock.

"Wow," Doc said. 

Ivan the Terrible couldn't believe the beauty in front of him. The hunk was sexy, horny and Ivan wanted to play.

"Milk Men, get him." Ivan said.

The Milk Men were drooling because they could sense the super testosterone coming from Slate. The two giant nuts would be the perfect dinner to milk and drain. One of the Milk Men attacked and kicked Slate in the abs. Slate was un-phased by the super kick.

"Impossible," Ivan said. The other Milk Man swung but Slate dodged. He was swifter, more agile with more speed. Slate took out an electric whip and swung it at one of the Milk Men, he then activated a shock charge which sent the Milk Man into a convulsion. The other Milk Man tried to attack but Slate got him with another whip. He fried them until their milk cum tanks exploded. The glass shards went flying into Ivan's face. All of Razor's cum went all over the room. The Milk Men were defeated. Ram, ran to his motorcycle and revved it. 

"Doc, Ivan let's go!" 

The villains jumped on the motorcycle and ran through a secret tunnel. The fight was over.

Slate ran to Razor and helped him up.

"Your balls," Slate said. "We'll get you fixed up don't worry."

Razor passed out in Slate's arms and he caressed his friends back and carried him.

"Hey," Kid Marble said. "Some help here." 

Slate gently put Razor on the ground and untied Kid Marble and Slick from the barbed wire. Overall the muscle pups were fine.

"Your cock," Slick said.

"Your balls," Kid Marble said.

"Your nipples" Slick said. "You're a greek god."

Slate smiled and flexed. His horny muscle cock jumped up and down in the suit.

"Wow!" Kid Marble and Slick said.

The four of them got out and found Brick tied up. They untied him and all went back to headquarters. 

After 48 hours of surgery Brick and Razor were done. 

Slick, Kid Marble and Slate were in the waiting room in the secret lair. The genius doctor Arturo came out of the room.

"They will make a full recovery," he said.

"How well did it go?" Slate said.

"Razor's going to have a 13 inch cock and Brick's will be a foot and a half."

"Wow!" Slate said.

"Their balls are about the size of yours," Arturo said. "I'm just worried."

"Why?" Slate asked.

"Your new big balls are sensitive. A punch to your balls and it will be double the pain. Your cum is producing loads almost ten times normal production. If Doc is able to get a hold of your balls he will milk you to death."

"We're thankful for your service," Slate said. "We won't let them get their hands on our junk ever again."

Arturo walked away and walked down the stairs. 

"The surgery was a success," Arturo said. He gave a sinister grin.

Doc spun around in his chair and looked at Ivan the Terrible. 

"Brick and Razor will make a full recovery." Doc said.

"Amazing," Ivan said. "A fortune. A billion dollars if we can get our hands on their super muscle cum. They are superhero cum factories."

Ivan pressed a button and three torture chambers appeared with giant milking devices. 

"Their new sensitive balls will be no match for any ball punches." Ivan said.

"Can't wait to squeeze them, break them, milk them!" Doc laughed.

The two laughed as they knew their master plan was complete.

A giant muscle mutant monster about 15 feet tall appeared in a chamber. It had two giant hammers in his hands.

"What do you call him?" Doc said.

"Ball Buster!" Ivan said.

"Bring me Slate 2.0,"  Doc said. "We're going to bust that new giant sac and make him cum forever."

Ball Buster smashed the door open and began his journey to find Slate's new plump balls.