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The Milk Man Attacks
Part 1 - The Milk Man Attacks 1
By Arthur Hero

The Milk Man Milks Muscle Hunks

Doc took the meeting with Ivan The Terrible, the Oligarch. Doc wasn’t fond of a new psychopath worse than him moving to Grand Island City...but if he partnered with him Ivan could fund Doc’s newest experiment. Doc almost destroyed his nemesis Slate and Doc heard about the brutal attack on Renegade. There were still new heroes and rookies waiting to take over. Another billionaire invested money to ensure that Grand Island City had heroes to save the city.

The roster was dangerous for Doc.

The super hero squad now known as the rebranded Bulge Elite. Their name was actually for the headquarters, on top of a hill in Grand Island City called The Bulge. However, every muscle hero on the team was well endowed. Their thick cock and balls were held in skin tight second skin new synthetic rubberized material. Therefore everyone assumed their name was due to their massive junk cocks that were barely held in super tight anatomically correct cod pieces. Razor, the 30-something chocolate muscle god was running the super hero squad. There was Brick, the 45 year old silver fox that would suit up whenever he needed to. Kid Marble was the young 20-something Latin muscle hunk that was training to be a threat. And Slick, 25, the Italian stud was still around. Now that Slick finished college he had time to be a threat. Everyone wanted to avenge the breaking of Slate. Slate was ambushed when he tried to save Kid Marble. He was ball busted and thrown over. Now he was hospitalized and the heroes realized they had to step it up and take down Doc.

At Doc's lair, he met with Ivan, a ruthless threat.

“Listen to me.” Ivan said. “We need to send them a message. We need to hunt them down one by one and break them forever.”

“I tried that!” Doc said. “They keep coming back.”

“Let’s hunt one down and break them so bad they will learn they will be destroyed. Let’s send a message.”

A giant cyborg came out of the lab. He was 10 feet of machinery mixed with a mutant massive former super bodybuilder. He had 10 long metallic tentacles. In the place of its stomach was a transparent two gallon jug. Instead of a mouth he had a snout mask with gripping needles the size of a foot. Perfect to capture a thick cock and torture it. He was the Milk Man. A cute name for a sinister new villain.

“Meet Milk Man,” Ivan said.

“Is that glass jar?” Doc said.

“Yes. This machine is the first of my prototype. He has Artificial Intelligence, tracking, and a killer instinct. He won’t kill them but he’s programmed to wrap a hero and inject them with a potent new viagra. His needles will wrap these balls, and extract their cum. It will drip in the jars and we can make a fortune to sell their hero cum. The grip is so strong no muscle god can escape.”

Doc was getting a hard on. The oligarch perfected a hunting cum machine. The eyes were black and soul less. He imagined Milk Man squeezing a muscle god with its long tentacles that were adorned with thin needles. And then he imagined milking the hero. 

“He’ll shoot them up with this toxic venom and hydrate them to keep them producing cum at a rate that can fill these jars in an hour. They’ll be in ecstasy and pain.

“Can we control him to hurt them?” Doc said. 

“Yes.” Ivan said. “This tentacles will fry them and hurt them bad. It’s loaded with electricity and needles to fry their nipples, abs and my favorite part is his tail. It’s a dildo that’ll target their prostrate and secrete cum producing super viagra. Let’s test it out shall we."

A latin muscle hunk was in workout gear and tied up. He was shirtless and had a huge bulge in lycra. His coiled cock must have been a foot long. His balls were like grapefruits and pressed against the compression shorts. He had barbell nipple rings. He was handsome and definitely could have been a muscle hero himself.”

“Yo man let me go,” the hunk said.

Milk Man grabbed him with his tentacles. He wrapped the needles and objected his needles. The cock grew to full mast and looked like a baseball bat in seconds. The hero tried to scream but he began to convulse from the electricity. The toxic serum shocked his nerve endings to paralyze him temporarily.  Next Milk Man opened his snout with metallic needle like teeth and hooked into the cock. He tore into the shorts and revealed the big throbbing cock.”

“Unghhhhhh,” the muscle hunk moaned. Cum oozed into Milk Mans stomach and dripped in like a faucet in less than two minutes.

Ivan and Doc both has boners as the muscle hunk was oozing cum into the snout.

“Amazing.” Doc said. “Who is our first victim.”

Doc wanted Brick, the seasoned silver fox with hairy muscle. He could hear the screams already and imagine a jug of Brick’s veteran cum loading the jug. He put a pic of Brick suited up in his purple rubber attire.

“He’s a hunk,” Ivan said. He programmed Milk Man to go on his hunt. Milk Man dropped the muscle hunk and exited. Next stop was Brick’s muscle cock.

The Bulge Headquarters:

Brick was in only his cod piece suiting up when he heard the noise in the headquarters. He was finishing doing a patrol and was mostly stripped out of his gear. Milk Man climbed in the window and wrapped his tentacles around Brick's pecs.

"Ahhhhh, what the hell are you?" Brick said.

Brick’s muscle pecs were gripped. He was wrapped around and bound. Brick in all his years never felt this type of grip. The muscle hunk felt the needles grip around his pecs. His nipples were injected with the metallic needles and began to ooze out the venom. The venom burned his large silver dollar nipples. They injected.

Doc's Lair:

Brick was brought back to the lair and his cod piece was hard and horny. The muscle furry daddy had silver and black furry pecs. A tentacle wrapped around his cock and balls in a tight grip. The entire time Brick was electrocuted and his milky skin had red welts.

“Brick,” Doc said. “You’ve been in the gym.”

The muscle hunk was 45 but still massive and built. His body was meaty and squeezable. Brick’s cock poked out of the codpiece and the juicy purple bulge was wrapped with a thin tentacles. His balls were wrapped and in a tight tentacle. His biceps and thighs were gripped with the other tentacles and his legs in black boots dangled. 

“Just kill me and get it over with.” Brick said.

“Kill you?” Ivan said. “But your milk is valuable. I can sell a gallon of your spunk for $1,000,000 a jug. Your milking torture hasn’t even started.”

“Fuck you.” Brick said.

“Let’s fry him a little bit. He’s talking to much.” Doc said.

Milk Man injected his uncle long needles into Brick’s thick meaty thighs. He increased the voltage and began to fry the hero with enough voltage to sting him.

“AHHHHHHHH,” Brick screamed. 

The only thing that could move were his thick muscle calves swinging around. This caused his hard cock to bounce around. Doc took his hand and held the hard cock. Now Brick was sweating and releasing drops of blood and sweat. The needles fried his nerve endings and caused excruciating pain. The hero never felt pain like this before even though he had been hurt in the past. The tentacles wrapped around every muscle to hurt the hero. Milk Man had no emotion and was programmed to squeeze tighter and inject needles on fresh flesh that hadn’t been fried. Milk Man slammed Brick into the ground and began to step on the hero’s abs with his huge metallic legs.

Now that Brick was disabled Milk Man went to work with his snout. He lifted Brick in the air and slammed with metallic tail into Brick’s muscle ass. It slowly filled Brick’s anal cavity and went deep. Once it hit the prostrate a needle poked into Brick to inject the viagra venom. Now Brick felt drugged and began to enjoy the sensation of his ass being filled with the metallic dildo.

“He’s enjoying this.” Doc said. 

“Not for long,” Ivan said.

Milk Man’s metallic snout opened in two and finally gripped the rubber codpiece. The metallic teeth clamped down and held the cock perfectly in its snout. Brick’s cock was now locked in. The plump mushroom head was injected with a tube. The tube went all the way down and sounded the 11 inch thick dick. Cum oozed out like a geyser and dripped into the jug in Milk Man’s stomach. Tentacles gripped the balls and injected the venom into his balls. The hero was being milked. His balls were gripped and tugged by the needles on two tentacles. Ball busting from the inside out.

Brick continued to cum and in less than five minutes the jug was already filled with white creamy cum. Brick stopped struggling and felt pain everywhere. His anus, his balls and his nipples were bring milked and fried by the metal needles on the tentacles. Milk Man next injected an IV with a solution to keep Brick hydrated as milk was extracted from him. Milk Man squeezed the muscles and tore into the hero. His handsome face was wrapped with another tentacle that muffled his cries.


“Squeeze his balls.” Doc said. “Flatten his ball sack.”

The balls were squeezed like oranges and more cum filled the jug. 

Doc was horny and knew Milk Man was the cyborg he needed. He filmed the ordeal and sent the footage to the headquarters.

Two hours later.

Razor, Kid Marble and Slick watched on the screen as Brick was being milked. The teeth gripped the cock and twisted it like a hotdog in a metallic vicious hot dog bun. The balls were swollen and thick from the viagra serum. They were bloody from the needles injected that slammed in and out of the orbs.

The heroes suited up. Razor knew his foot long cock would be fried and cooked. The rookies Slick and Kid Marble gulped. They looked at their cod pieces and knew that monster cyborg must be stopped. Or their cocks would all be fried, needled and milked...

To be continued

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