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Slate and Razor return
Part 2
By Arthur Hero

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Slate and Razor return - 2

Razor was tied up in a Boston crab. His juicy pecs wrapped and squeezed in barbed wire. Cutting into his strong pecs. As he flexed the barbed wire broke into his rubber

pec armor, exposing his sweaty brown skin chest. His dark black nipples were hard and pointed out. His left nipple, was cut into by a barbed wire. That was only he

pecs. Barbed wire wrapped his tentacle cords around Razor’s thighs, biceps, calves, back, and abs. Blood dripped from the places he was pierced but it was more to

secure him. Like a hooked fish. His muscles flexing to no avail.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Razor yelled. The pain was so excruciating.

Slate was also tied. His meaty butt was exposed.  His juicy Puerto Rican booty, exposed. Ready for anything to project into him. Slate tried to flex out of his wraps,

but Barbed wire had his nut sac tied up. Any move meant a tear into his plump balls. This was done intentionally because Slate’s testicles were know to be the muscle

studs weak spot.

“Unghhhhhh…” Slate moaned. His nuts pierced from the attack.

Barbedwire kept the pressure on the two muscle studs. Veterans in the superhero game, but they never learned. After a series of wins, they got cocky and went

out in their comfortable second skin rubber suits. Much more vulnerable to attacks than their more metallic armor. The two muscle studs were stuck. Sweat and blood

leaked from their bodies onto their rubber “armor” and second skin.

“Let’s play a game,” Barbedwire said. “Who wants their nuts busted first?”

“Let us go!” Razor said.

“Oh, perfect. Razor I’ve been dreaming of this moment for decades. Seeing your huge cock bounce around. It’s time to hurt it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Leave him alone,” Slate said.

“Slate put a muzzle on it.” Barbedwire put a ball gag in Slate’s mouth. “Watch your boyfriend cry.”

Razor’s nuts were juicy, plump, and full of cum. They were sensitive. As muscular as the hero was his balls were his pride and joy. His muscles had an eight

pack. But it was time to destroy his manhood.

Barbedwire took his hand and grabbed the nuts.

“Ahhh.” Razor yelled.

He took out a long needle and injected Razor with viagra to make him rock hard. He then injected him with a sexual drug to make him feel pleasure to release his


In a few minutes Razor was rock hard. His coiled cock was filled with blood. His nuts were ready to explode.

“Ballbust time.” Barbedwire said. He took out brass knuckles and began to pound Razor’s balls. “Bust time.”


Razor’s nuts absorbed the impacts. He felt the pain in his gut. Oh my God Razor thought. He would never get used to this. The pain of his juicy balls, getting

squashed. It wasn’t even a few minutes and he knew he would need months to recover from this busting. Or worse, the worse was yet to come.

“Time to crack a big thick cock! Let’s whip it out so I can bite it! HAHAHAHAHA!” Barbedwire said.

He pulled down the zipper to the codpiece and detached it.

“There’s a bounty on this codpiece. It was your nut prints in it.” Barbedwire said.

He licked the salt and precum from the codpiece. He felt energized. Oh know Razor thought. He was another genetically mutant freak Doc put together. He must get

stronger from cum.

Barbedwire like a vampire that just tasted blood, put his mouth around the hard cock. He squeezed Razor’s balls and like a juice machine cum came out. Big loads

of Razor’s super charged cum squirted into Barbedwire’s mouth. It was so much cum, it leaked from his mouth. But no that cum was too precious to waste, he began to

swallow the load.

“Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggg. Can’t stop cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming.” Razor moaned. Barbedwire put his finger in Razor’s muscular

butt. With his long thick fingers, he hit the. G-Spot.

“Oh My God!” Razor moaned. The pleasure and pain hit the hero hard. Barbedwire saw Razor enjoying a moment of it. He bit down on his left ball.

“Arghhhhh!” Razor moaned.

“This isn’t fun stupid hero. This is your busting.”

Razor teared up as his balls were now in Barbedwire’s teeth.


Razor exploded another load of cum into Barbedwire. At this point his balls were like Barbebdwire’s squeeze toy. The more cum he wanted the more he squeezed the

cum out. Gushhhhhhhh. Drip…drain. It drained Razor’s energy as his manhood and spunk was leaked into his mouth.

CHOMPPP! And a push of his finders deeper into Razor’s butt. That has to be the g-spot he thought and Razor convulsed and leaked out almost a pint of cum. It

was making him weak now. The muscles began to accept the fate that he was hooked like a cumming fish. Razor looked at his captor in the eye. There was nothing there,

Barbedwire had a blank stare. He had what he wanted, he had his cum.


It was Slate’s turn. Slate aggressively was trying to get out the grips, so much so that he also got his muscles torn into. Slate’s cock was longer. It was

curvier and it always made the codpiece look like a horizontal C. Slate was also known for his booty. His muscle butt was blessed with flesh that bounced and jiggled.

Barbedwire smacked his ass and the butt jiggled.

“Slate, Barbedwire said. I haven’t seen a cock like this in ages. I used to go to colleges and crack frat boys cocks for a hobby, but that is a COCK!”

Slate’s cock throbbed and pushed against the remaining rubber remnants on the codpiece.

Barbedwire licked the curved cock.

“So salty hero,” Barbedwire said.

As Barbedwire licked Slate’s cock, the hero was able to get out of the restraints on his arms. His entire body was still secured by devices and wires but Slate,

the master of maneuvers got his arms out. He sent an SOS signal to headquarters to alert other heroes. Most likely, Slick his young 20-something Italian Jersey Boy

protege. He also sent a signal to the drones Slate had to come in and do some damage.

Barbedwire was now furious that Slate got out of his restraints and could pull off such an operation in seconds.

“Barbedwire,” Slate said. “If you don’t release us you will meet the wrath of the heroes fury.”

“Hahahahahahaha,” Barbedwire laughed.

“I’m going to bust your two nuts like you haven’t had a nut busting before. Slate, no more games with you. The time for full busting reckoning is now. Look at

your gorgeous eggs now.”

Razor’s nuts appeared hurt from the busting session. The veteran hero was spent…

To be continued.