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Slate and Razor return
Part 1
By Arthur Hero

Slate and Razor return

Slate and Razor were on patrol.

“He’s gonna bust us.” Slate said. “He’s gonna bust us so hard. He’ll snap our cocks in four pieces, he’ll turn our ball tissue into mush. He hates us, and he knows our genitals pose so much to our god like bodies. He won’t rest until he turns our junk into pancakes.”

Slate grabbed Razor’s codpiece and squeezed it gently.

“Ahhhhhh,” Razor said. “Gentle.”

“These balls, this cock and all the blood that powers it is my life.” Slate said. “I’m never going to let them bust it again. I can’t see you scream again in agony. Your balls are mine to protect.

Slate bent down and kissed the orbs. Razor’s fat juicy black nuts lifted up and down.

“And I will never let them hurt your sausage and eggs ever again.” Razor said.

Slate was now 40, aged well, bald, latin, still muscular and still agile.

Razor was 39, low buzz cut, goatee, handsome smile. They were veteran heroes and they still kicked ass as if they were 25. Slick, who was now 32 oversaw the training of the next generation of 20-something muscle pups like Purple Thunder and Sol. The new heroes were winning battles but due to economic inactivity the black markets were booming. Doc now had

He felt Slate’s hard meat and they frottaged each other’s bulges. Grand Island City was on lock down and even the villains seemed to be on vacation. However, Doc up to no good decided he could help Grand Island City. His villains distributed food, clothes, and goods. They were the new heroes. And because of that the entire city was on his side. Gangs, bandits, mobsters and even the overwhelmed city seemed to report to Doc. Doc was the de-facto mayor and he wanted only one thing in return.

- The codpieces of Slate and Razor. $500 million. For them bound, and brought to him alive $1 billion.

It was at that moment razor sharp tentacles wrapped around them. It shred into their suits in the back alley.

“Barbwire is my name!” The villain said. He stood at 7’5 and towered over the heroes. He was massive with barbed wire tentacles. They were sharp with steel spiky edges all around. He also had two ball and chain whips which had electric barb wire. He swung his whips and wrapped Slate in with his tentacles. Then he wrapped the barbed wire tentacles around his codpiece so Slate’s ball sac was pushed out. Next he smashed his giant ball and chain on Slate’s sac!

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!” Slate yelled. Agony.

Next he electrified Slate as Slate wrestled to get out of the barbed wire wires cutting into his meaty juicy pecs. His nipple armor tore open exposing his dark tan nipples. The shocks frying his pecs.




“Argh…..” Slate yelled. Razor threw an electric pulse magnet that stuck on Barbwire.

Razor did a flip and landed with his legs around Barbwire.

“Get off of him.” Razor said. His muscle bodybuilder legs crushed into Barbwire’s head. That was enough to release the tentacles on Slate. Slate tumbled and got on one knee and checked the pecs. He experienced worse in past battles but they had to finish Barbwire. If this lunatic roamed the streets of Grand Island City he would wreak havoc on a fragile city already reeling from the downturn. Barbwire pressed a button and his barbed wires were releasing spark voltage.

“He upped the juice.” Razor said.

He jumped down and helped Slate stand back up. He quickly rubbed Slate’s pecs with a cleaning solution.

“Prepare for battle boys. Two robotic crab like robots the size of Humans entered. They blocked the exits of the lair. One killer crab bot jumped on Razor. It pinned the muscle stud on the ground and stretched out Razor in a Spread eagle position. His meaty pecs and abs heaving. The other killer crab bot pinned Slate down and crushed its weight down. Tons of robot weight crushing its prey.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Slate moaned. He two was held now in a spread eagle position. His arms and legs stretched from the robotic crab like restraints. Razor and Slate had their bulges stuck out. Big juicy codpieces. The rubber latex codpieces stuck out. Slate in his grey rubber suit. The balls were wrapped in anatomically correct thin casing. The technology was molded so his ball sac fit like a second skin. Even the penis head could be seen. Throbbing, fat, thick. A ten inch wonder latin cock pocking out. His balls were bashed in the past but Slate took months to stay away from any battles. At 40, he was still shaped like a granite statue, still agile, still hot. He was even hotter. Muscle mass stacked on his physique. He ate clean, meditated and was in tune with his body. He knew his weak spots, his pain points, and his shortcomings when it came to his balls being tortured. Villains loved seeing Slate in his codpiece with balls. Most of the time he stood over his villains in victory. With his codpiece dangling his 10 inch meat in front of them. But here he was restrained. The more he wiggled from the giant crab device, the more he realized he was in an old predicament. A sadistic villain had him bound. His pec armor had nipple pieces that looked like giant Hersey kisses. One nipple popped out from the attack. It was hard and ripe. Barbwire looked at Slate heaving. Razor was bound down. He was on the ground with the crab on his thighs.

“Flip him over.” Barbwire said. Razor was flipped and he had a bad gash on his abs. His abs were scratched from the barbed wire attacks.

“$500 million for your codpieces.” Barbwire said. He smoked a cigarette and put it out on Razor’s wound.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Razor yelled. His body was that of an adonis. Smooth brown skin with his pecs exposed and held by the claws. His dark nipples popped out like two suckable dark chocolate circles. Razor’s butt was muscular and juicy. As the crab held him in a Boston crab position his 11 inch cock was pressed on the maroon color codpiece. His thick cock head, with a plump head looked like a mushroom. Why were they horny? Barbwire didn’t just want the codpieces, he wanted to give Doc their hard cocks. Attached or not. Their cocks would be worth more a billion.

“Love the codpiece,” Barbwire said as he stroked Razor’s pulsing meat. He then twisted it and then yanked down on the balls. Fun time.


To be continued.

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