The Telemachus Story Archive

Renegade vs. Stinger
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Robert Lust)


Renegade Vs. Stinger (The Tentacle Mutant)

Art: Robert Lust
Story: Arthur Hero

The atmosphere was hot and humid. The mob boss Bone looked at the muscle bound hero as he struggled. The penis like tentacles began to massage Renegade's sensitive tender nipples through his green suit.

"Please God, stop." Renegade said.

"Who are you?" Bone said. "Where do you come from?"

Bone lifted his foot and kicked Renegade in his bulge genitals. Renegade was held by the strong tentacles. His round package was coiled up in a latex green cover like the rest of his costume. Renegade's suit was a hybrid of latex which had little protection but gave him the protection to fight. Each curve of Renegade's body could be seen. His muscles clung to the suit like paint. Bone was fed up of Renegade disrupting his plots and this was the first time the two met. Renegade made a bunch of busts and turned in a dangerous narcotics ring to the police. Renegade, a 20-something from the Bronx was sexy. He had a tattoos that covered his muscle pecs and additional ink on his arms. Renegade only stood at 5'7 but he was compact and full of tight stacked muscle. Antony Rodriguez was his real name. He was trained by an old assassin named Ki that fought in Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf wars. Now Ki was old and tired and trained Renegade how to fight.

Renegade never saw the set up coming. He got a lead on a new shipment that was entering in the Hunts Point Shipping Yard. On his custom motorcycle he went to observe. A bunch of thugs were there as expected and Renegade took them out with no problem. He was swift and agile so he didn't even get a scratch. What he didn't realize was there was a mutant waiting in the corner. His name was Stinger and he was short and only 3 feet. The dwarf converted into a blob during a freak radiation accident. Bone loved to experiment and vowed to keep Stinger alive if he ran a test. He was merged with a thorn bush and an Octopus by a mad scientist and somehow now had the ability to grow tentacles. The tentacles had the DNA of human males so they grew into penis like tentacles. Stinger hated his new body and was angry. Bone told him that if he helped him destroy Renegade he would convert him back. Stinger didn't move around he just stayed there and breathed heavy like an old man with emphysema. He had no bone structure so it he was just a pile of fatty deposits and mush. His face sank in with his round pot belly. Instead if arms however he had 20 penis like tentacles. They were each adorned with round studs that looked like shaved thorns. It must have been a result of the mutation. Renegade saw the chubby little mush with tentacles and ran right into him to take his out. Stinger shout out his tentacles and began to thrash the hero. Immediately Renegade was on the floor. Renegade tried to pull away but the tentacles lifted him up in the air. Stinger began to thrash and beat Renegade with his tentacles. He then bound the hero so that he was spread eagle. By now Renegade's latex suit was shred. His tan nipples and pecs showed and one of his pump butt cheeks were exposed.

That's when Bone, the biggest gangster in NYC appeared. Bone was a thin man and wore a nice suit. He smoked a cigar and blew smoke in Renegade's face. Somehow after all the tentacle attacks, Renegades bulge was still covered, shiny, green and bulging out. Bones grabbed Renegade's manhood and began to work his cock. Bone injected Viagra into Renegade's left testicle. Soon Bone's began to work Renegades cock as it remained in its latex suit.

"Ugh," Renegade moaned. At this point Renegade's package was at full staff. Bone's blew smoke in Renegade's face.

"Have fun with him." Bones said. "When I come back I want to see this floor full of sticky cum."

Stinger began to pull Renegade again and spread him full eagle. He inserted one of his thorny tentacles in Renegade's ass. Stinger had an enzyme that felt like Icy Hot. He poked Renegade's prostate and secreted the enzyme. At first it stung but then it gave him a warm and tingling sensations Stinger inserted a smaller tentacle in Renegade's ass. He spinner his tentacles so each thorny nodule would be felt in his anal canal. At the same time Stinger wrapped his thorns around Renegade's plump Dominican butt cheeks.

"Stop no...oh stop."

Stinger began to whip Renegades abs with a metal pipe that his tentacles picked up. Renegade has a 10 pack and could handle the beating. Stinger noticed that each ab flexed and hardly was defeated. Renegade tried to get out but the studded vines held him. Stinger turned Renegade to him and instead of the spread eagle position his arms were bound and his waist was wrapped. For fun Stinger left Renegade's legs free. Renegade tried to swing with his legs and Stinger enjoyed seeing the hard cock bounce around. Enough was enough. Stinger sent three tentacles towards Renegade's bulge.

"Ahhhhh," Renegade said. Stinger massaged it. He could feel the large testicles, plump and juicy. They were full of cum and ripe for the squeezing that was about to happen. He felt the hard cock. Renegade looked at the mutant, he was short and a blob, his 20 feet tentacles had him at his mercy. He didn't know how he was so horny but whatever he was injected with made him want to blow his load. Stinger moved Renegade close enough and the hero kicked Stinger in the face. Renegade knew it was time to run for it. He dropped to the floor and tumbled. He ran and tried to get out of there but he felt the tentacles knock his head like a bat. Stinger was angry and began to throw bricks at the hero. The kick hurt Stinger and now wanted the hero to pay. Renegade picked up a concrete slab and slammed it into Renegade's meaty bulge.


Stinger finally zipped down the cod piece and revealed Renegade's uncircumcised, thick, and plump cock. Renegade was full of cum at this point and his and his large testicles swelled up to double its size. First Stinger wanted to make sure Renegade was bound for good. He lifted him by the legs and pulled his arms back. He wrapped two more tentacles around his pecs. He stripped Renegade of his top pec armor so all Renegade had on was his visor, gloves, boots and shreds of his leg armor. Stinger began to squeeze Renegade's pecs. Because Stinger had knob like thorns Renegade's nipples were stimulated. Renegade had suckable nipples that were huge. He always was complimented on his pecs and nipples but they were tender. Stinger rubbed the nipples and began to tug them. To shut up Renegade he wrapped a tentacle around his mouth to shut him up. He also secreted more cum inducing formula into Renegade. Foam oozed out of his mouth so every now and then Stinger made sure Renegade wasn't chocking. Next was the plump butt cheeks. Renegade had a shaved upper body but a hairy lower body. His ass cheeks were furry and the tentacles that wrapped around them pulled the hair. Stinger inserted two tentacles back into Renegade's rectum.

"Ughhhhhh, ugh," Renegade moaned.

The tentacles spun around in his ass, every section, Stinger was gentle at first and then he rammed the tight hole hard. Renegade was rumored to have male lovers but his butt hole was super tight. He tried to scream but his mouth was muffled. Finally Stinger began to massage the enormous balls. Renegade's balls were squeezed hard and also slapped by the tentacles. Stinger laughed as Renegade squirmed. Renegade's balls were about to pop but Stinger decided to ease up. Finally Stinger wrapped the most slimy tentacle around Renegade's cock. The tentacle was lubricted and secreted the icy hot like lube. Renegade's cock had multiple sensations. Stinger peeled back the foreskin and went to work. He squeezed the cock as tight as he could and with two tentacles worked Renegade's cock. Renegade could hardly hold a nut and came onto Stinger.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Renegade yelled in relief. But Stinger looked at Renegade and began to massage the cock.

"No, n-n-n-nooooo." Renegade yelled.

More cum oozed. More than a pint. Stinger rubbed the tip with the coil tentacle and Renegade came again. Now loads of cum were dripping on the floor. After an hour Renegade no longer squirmed the muscle hero just let Stinger pump him dry.

Bone came back and saw the loads on cum on the floor. Bone looked at Stinger and smiled.

"Now what?" Stinger said.

"Now I want to hear him scream all the way to Jersey." Bone said. He rubbed the large cock and left Stinger with Renegade.

"No more," Renegade pleaded.

Stinger began to whip Renegade's butt with his tentacles and he went back inside his ass. Now he began to whip Renegade's balls. He crushed them, and squeezed them and began tighten his grip on each ball. No longer was Stinger gentle he showed no mercy because he knew Renegade's manhood would make him suffer.

"My balls, my balls, my nuts," Renegade yelled.

"You mean my balls," Stinger said as he slammed all his tentacles now on the muscle hero. Renegade was on the floor and unbound. He could no longer get up. Every second a tentacle slammed into his balls. He was held only by his cock with one tentacle. Renegade was then jerked again and again. Stinger was just getting started.


Outside Bone took a puff of his cigar and smiled.