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Razor vs the Sewer Milking Monsters
Part 2 - Part Two
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Arthur Hero)

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Part II. Slate vs. The Sewer Milking Monsters

"Step away from him!" A voice called.

"Slate!" Doc said. 

Slate entered the chamber and drop kicked the main sewer monster that nibbled on Razor. Cum spurted out of the monster and leaked on the floor. Slate kicked the other two monsters and stood in front of Razor. Cum oozed out of the creatures. They let out a roar as a warning to Slate.

 Steel Crusher and Ram backed up and got behind Ram. They ran out of the chamber and closed the door. Slate kneeled next to Razor and held Razor's arm. 

"Razor," Slate said. "What did they do to you?" Razor said.

"Slate, soo much pain…can't stop cumming."

"Slate looked down and saw Razor cumming loads of cum." 

Slate took out a cloth and wiped his buddies muscles. He sat Razor up who continued to leak out cum on the floor. Razor ejaculated on Slate's suit as he held him up.

"We're getting out of here." Slate said. 

"I don't think so," Doc said from out of the chamber. Slate fell in the trap. His tan latin muscles rivaled Razor's but Slate was more meaty. Slate's 10-inch cock was coiled in his silver rubber codpiece. He stood over Razor. The sewer monster couldn't stop feeding. It was designed to milk its prey dry. The monster jumped and landed on Razor. This time it bit Razor's cock more aggressive. Cum spewed inside the monsters cock.

"Slate….Unghhhhhhh!" Razor moaned. He was held by the monster and the tentacles wrapped around Razor.

Slate took out an electric bomb and electrocuted the monster. The monster wailed and backed off of Razor. That worked.

        Slate began to throw electric bombs at the monsters. It was effective and they backed up. Slate went to Razor and held him in his arms. 

"You're doomed Slate." Doc said from the intercom. "These monsters are going to feed off of you. Now that I have Razor I don't need your spunk. Get off my hero. Razor is mine. Kill him sewer monsters. Rip him up! Eat his cock for dinner!" Doc said.

Doc really wanted to capture Slate alive but it was better to have at least Razor in captivity than none of them. Slate was aggressive and a skilled fighter. Doc couldn't risk it. 

The monsters lunged at Slate. He tried to fight them but they wrapped their needle arms on him. Unlike Razor they didn't try to immobilize Slate. They wanted to destroy Slate. One monster bit into Slate's armor and pierced his thigh and plump butt cheek. A gash opened up in his armor. His Puerto Rican juicy butt was exposed. The muscle butt flexed. 

"My dick is so hard!" Steel Crusher said.

"Mine too!" Ram said.

"Look at that ass boys," Doc said. "Too bad I have to kill him."

The tentacles slammed their daggers into Slate. First they slammed into his muscle pecs, his abs, and then his thighs. One monster took Razor and pulled him in the corner. It continued to milk Razor in the corner. At this point Razor was so weak all that was needed was one monster. Slate was occupied by the other two sewer monsters. They were vicious and lunged at him with their daggers. Slate felt immobilized and started to feel the venom creep into his bloodstream. Slate's cock got hard and bounced around as he tried to maneuver away. 

WHACKKKKKKKKK. Slate's balls were slammed into by the tentacle. It slashed his cock and Slate began to bleed from his hard cock. Slate's plump mushroom head was exposed. Slate's right testicle was exposed as well. 

"Aghhhhhhh!" Slate yelled.

Doc looked amused.

THWACKKKKKKKKKK! Slate's butt cheeks now  had slice like lacerations. One of the tentacles slammed its dagger into his left muscle butt check. Another monster jumped on Slate and began to bite Slate's shoulder. Another one began to cut into his calves. 

"AHHHHHHHHHH" Slate yelled. The muscle hero was dragged to the ground. Slate used one hand to cover his genitals and another to try to fight off the tentacles in a desperate fight.

"Isn't he better alive?" Steel Crusher asked Doc. 

Doc looked down at his nemesis stuck in the chamber. Slate was getting sliced and diced. His nipple was pierced. His pecs were bloody and his ass was cut. Slate was now bound by one monster and the other two began to bite into him. It wasn't the soft bites that Razor got from his milking draining. They were going to eat him. Slate was immobilized by the venom and stopped wiggling.

"One monster bit the remainder of Slate's hard codpiece and sank a fang in his right ball."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Slate yelled. Slate tried to bang on the glass but it was impenetrable. Razor looked at his friend who was in pain. Razor was being harvested for his milk but Slate was about to experience his end.

"No," Razor muttered. "Please. My boy."

Slate could feel the monster biting his thighs. Slate fell down and covered his cock. His body was bruised and hurt. Cum began to ooze out of his cock.

"Ahhhhhhh," Slate moaned. He shot the biggest load of his life and a cum puddle appeared below him. Slate felt weak from that load but soon another oozed out.

"Unghhhh," Slate moaned.

"Doc," Steel Crusher said. Steel Crusher looked at Slate as he was about to get crushed.

"What?" Doc said.

"Let's keep Slate and harvest him too." Steel Crusher said.

"I want to put my hard cock in his ass." Ram said.

Slate's muscular butt was in the air. He held his balls in pain. Steel Crusher could see his brown star butt hole. And for selfish reasons he wanted Slate alive. He wanted Slate in his bed chambers and made into his sex slave. Slate's juicy butt was ripe and was a waste if he was destroyed.

"Doc," Steel Crusher said. "Let me have him. I'll make him suffer longer."

Two of the monsters surrounded Slate and began to claw their daggers into Slate's pec. The defeated hero made Steel Crusher hard.

"Fine!" Doc said. "STOP!" 

The monsters obeyed.

"Milk him too!" Doc said. "Don't kill him."

The sewer monsters lifted Slate and squirted oil on Slate. Another tentacle inserted its tentacle into Slate's prostate.

"OHHHHHHH. UNGHHHHHH. AHHHHHHH." Slate moaned. He realized Doc spared him but he would be milked.

The monster began to gently bite Slate's cock. A huge explosion of cum went into the sewer monster. It was enough for almost an immediate two pints.

"UNGHHHHHHHH," Slate moaned.

The monsters threw Slate on top on Razor and with their tentacles bound the two heroes together. Slate's muscular butt was on Razor's muscular butt. The two leaned back and felt their muscular butts flexing. Their arms were now interlocked. Their bond of friendship had them butt cheek to butt cheek getting milked by monsters that Doc created. Slate felt comfort knowing his comrade was behind him. Razor shook more than Slate and his butt cheeks shook. Cum oozed into the mouthes of the monsters and they nibbled on Razor's thick 11-inch cock and Slate's wide 10-inch dick. The heroes leaned back on each other.

"AHHHHHHH," Razor moaned.

"UNGHHHHH," Slate moaned. Their backs and thighs rubbed on each other. Their cocks faced out and the monsters enjoyed every glob.

Ram and Steel Crusher entered the vault. Their dicks were hard and throbbing. Steel Crusher looked at Slate as the hunk and his tan pecs shook. Steel Crusher began to caress Slate's bound abs. Aggressive Ram began to punch Razor in the gut. Razor was now taking gut punches deep into his midsection. The bondage of the heroes turned them on. Slate at 5'8 and Razor at 5'9  were muscular but smaller than the 7 feet giants of Ram and Steel Crusher. Steel Crusher and Ram were already strong but now here they were by their power sources. Ram squeezed the tube that stuck out of the Sewer Monster and squeezed the nipple like end piece into a cup. With one squeeze a pint of cum squirted out. Ram looked at the cup and could see the cum. Ram had a drink and downed the cum into his system. He felt superhuman strength. The cum mixed with the enzymes of the monsters produced an energy drink stimulation. Ram roared. He punched the ground and cracked the floor. 

"Hold them up," Ram said. The monsters obeyed and held the heroes spread eagle. Their muscle pecs heaved up and down. Their abs glistened from sweat and oil. Their combat boots and visors were a reminder that these were two superheroes and not naked strippers. The monsters stopped the milking and the cocks were finally released. They dropped back into the remnants of their proud codpieces. Their large cocks bounced. Juicy, dripping and throbbing.

Ram pulled back and landed a punch in Razor's eight pack.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh," Razor yelled! 


Ram took his hands and began to claw Razor's abs. Ram's new strength tore the fibers and the abdominal muscles. 

"Squeeeeeeeeeze!"Ram laughed. It was like squishing a pillow. The muscle abs began to cave in and become more mush like. They still had definition but Ram was now able to crush anyone with his new milk source.

Slate wiggled and tried to get out. His pecs were stretched out. His nipples shined. Ram walked over to Slate and began to perform pec claws. Slate's pecs were getting crushed. His muscle fibers were no match for the super villain. Slate's juicy pecs flexed to try to absorb the shock but the more Slate flexed the more Ram wanted to crush them.

"MY PECSSSSS!" Slate yelled.