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Razor vs the Sewer Milking Monsters
Part 1 - Part One
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Arthur Hero)


Part I. Razor vs. The Sewer Milking Monsters

Razor tried to break out the chamber but it was not possible. Doc spoke through the intercom.

'I'm a little tired of you guys breaking my billion dollar ideas." Doc said.

"Who am I fighting now?" Razor said. Razor's chest heaved up and down. He took down a bunch of henchman in the lab but now he was cornered in a trap.

"Not who," Doc said. "What."

The chamber opened up a gain and three creatures moved in the chamber. They surrounded their prey. Razor was 5'9 and solid muscle. His muscles poked through his red rubber costume. Even after battling over 30 henchman his suit was flawless. Razor had chocolate brown skin and a bald head. His muscle butt was like a canyon, plump, and down was a deep valley as his ass crack. Razor was in his mid-thirties and in prime condition. His costume had dark black gloves, a visor, belt, and combat boots. His red codpiece was tight and held his 11-inch cut dick in a giant coil. The curve of his dick protruded especially from the side. His two orb balls clung to the suit in the codpiece and were secure in their position. The suit was an anatomically correct and the more massive Razor became the more his muscles poked through the tight suit. It was a site to see. Doc hated Razor and wanted to use him to lure the other Jobber Heroes. The Jobber Heroes were named because they were always being hunted for their top and prime cum in battle. Most of the time the Jobber Heroes, a team of four muscle hunks won the battles. However, Doc was becoming more and more ruthless with his attacks.

"These sewer monsters aren't here to end you. I need your cum sample," Doc said. "First they will paralyze you with their poisonous enzyme and you will get weaker. Then your cock will get rock hard. And then, they will milk you of your cum. Your milky cum will drain out slow, while they insert needles to drain you over and over."

"Oh fun" Razor said.

"They will drain you and get your cum and then when they have the sample I need." Doc said.

"Yeah, just shut it up," Razor said.

"You will scream for mercy but there will be none." Doc said.

Razor put his hands on his hips and taunted the intercom.

"Get him," Doc said.

The mutant Sewer Monsters moved in on Razor. Doc looked as Razor backed away. Doc admired Razor's chiseled body. It was all muscle. He could see Razor's pecs indent. Razor's huge dark nipples poked through his red suit. His codpiece couldn't conceal his 11-inch cock as it bounced around. Doc was going to enjoy watching this muscle hero meet his demise. He wanted to send a strong message to the Jobber Heroes. This was total war. Razor would be the first casualty. Two of Doc's alpha henchman Ram and Steel Crusher looked through the glass.

"Can't we just go in and break him." Steel Crusher said.

"I want to crush his nads." Ram said. "I'm getting hard looking at them bounce."

"When the fight is done and he's immobilized. I'll let you boys have a little fun. Remember we need him for bait so we can milk the Jobber Heroes for their cum forever."

Steel Crusher rubbed his huge 13-inch cock. He could see Razor's tight butt flex through the suit. Once the hero was broken by the Sewer Monsters he was going to insert his huge cock deep in that canyon.

The sewer monsters were hideous fused with dagger like needle tentacles. They had DNA of pirhannas which gave them ferocious teeth but moved on Octupus like tentacles. At the end of each tentacle was a sharp dagger like bone. In those bones were enzymes that would  immobilize their prey and a lethal toxin that caused a male to have a sex drive times 1,000. With one touch a male would cum out all of his semen. By stinging and biting the sewer monsters were trained to squeeze and crush muscle. They were programmed to target sensitive male gonads, the prostate and nipples in particular. One monster in the test run took down a giant gorilla. One. There were three in the chamber and Doc wanted to see how far they would go. 

Razor kicked one of the sewer monsters in its giant circular body. It retaliated by spanking Razor with its needle like long tentacles. Razor's rubberized suit absorbed the hit but the needle like tentacles stung his flesh. At the end of the tentacles was the six inch dagger like spike. It was full of poison to immobilize and make its subject horny. The other sewer monster swiftly moved behind Razor. With it's long tentacle it wrapped its tentacle around Razor's neck. Razor took out a device which heated up and cut the tentacles off. The tentacle dropped to the ground but soon two new tentacles took its place. Two more instead of one! 

Impossible, Razor thought. Razor did a back flip and crouched down in the corner. His bulge began to pulsate. He realized the tentacles left a needle in his neck. His dick began to throb and press against his red codpiece. Razor was well endowed soft so with a huge hard muscular cock it pushed against the suit.

"There it is boys," Doc said. He marveled at Razor's huge cock. It never held its position in the codpiece. It was as if the suit was designed to reveal his big endowment. Razor's balls sat low like a sac of two round orb's. The suit was designed to sculpt around his balls. It was for comfort but the armor on his codpiece was quite think. The sewer monsters cornered Razor. Razor took out his heated nightstick and swung at a sewer monster. It was hurt but retaliated by jumping forward and attacking Razor's midsection. The monster injected its jagged teeth in Razor's huge right pec. It then wrapped its tentacles around Razor's legs. The other sewer monster wrapped its tentacles around Razor's arms, neck and shoulders. Game over. They dragged him down to the ground. The third sewer monster was free to do what it wanted to the muscle hero as the other two restrained him. It appeared to be the main sewer monster. Its needles were eight inches and its teeth were sharper. The sewer monster began to thrash its tentacles at Razor. The jagged eight inch daggers cuts into Razor's suit. Razor's red suit was torn to threads. His abs, pecs and thighs were partly exposed. One of his nipples was exposed. Dark, black and thick like a round chocolate silver dollar. The sewer monster injected its needle tentacle into Razor's nipple. It sent shockwaves into his nipple and began to sent electric shockwaves. It also secreted an enzyme which caused Razor to get dizzy.

"No," Razor said. "Getttting, ungh, so weak." Razor moaned. Each sting was painful already from the piercing but the enzymes secreted sent a burning sensation into his nipple.  Razor's chocolate nipple began to ooze out an oil. It burned as is leaked its ways down his pec. The sewer monster then injected another tentacle in Razor's pec. Razor's pec began to indent. The muscular mass of muscle began to shake. It was causing Razor to have convulsions wherever it stung. Razor tried to break free. The sewer monster then shot out an oily substance all over Razor's suit. It was a clear gel and slimy. It began to make Razor weak. It made his muscles heavy and he no longer could fight. He wiggled and his muscles indented and his nipples shook. His upper body was convulsing a lot.

Doc and Steel Crusher began to rub their cocks as they saw the muscle hero try to wiggle out. Razor was done and they knew it. The hero could only wait to see what the sewer monsters had coming next. Doc could feel his cock getting hard. He couldn't wait to make Razor his sexual ransom for the other heroes. Razor was going to be his henchman's prize. They were going to fuck him on camera and make an example out of him. Do not cross Doc!

Razor felt the tentacles smash against his abs. Razor's eight pack was now open with tentacle wounds. The needle like tentacles stung Razor's rock hard abs. Finally Razor's untouched bulge which was oiled up from the gel shone in the light. Razor's hard cock secreted precut in its suit.. The hero was so weak but his cock was at full staff pulsating rapidly.

"His cock is so big." Steel Crusher said as he looked through the glass. "I want to suck it dry."

Ram, a mutant villain with violent tendencies was angry. He wanted to crush Razor with his hands. He wanted to crush Razor's balls with his titanium steel knuckles. This experiment for Doc was a tease.

"Let me go in there and crack his skull." Ram said.

"No," Doc said. "I need his sperm."

"I want to crack that big cock. His big dick is his pride and joy. Let me crack it in two." Ram said.

Steel Crusher giggled. 

"Let me suck his cock before you rip it off." Steel Crusher said. Steel Crusher was more of a sex addict and Razor's massive pecs, butt and thighs were a treat.

"Silence," Doc said. "You two fools should be looking out for intruders. You know his friends are coming."

"Good." Steel Crusher said.

"I can't wait to break Slate's cock when he comes once and for all." Ram said. 

Slate was Razor's teammate and best friend. He knew Slate would rescue him but would he get caught too.

"This ambush is to see if these sewer mutants can wreak havoc on the city." Doc said. "If they can go out and collect muscle men's cum in the night I can sell it on the black-market to mutants like you who need it." It was true. Steel Crusher and Ram relied on muscle men cum once a day to reenergize. 

"Look boys," Doc said.

They looked down. The tentacles from all three mutant monsters finally began to make their way to the prize. Razor's cock. One mutant sewer monster smashed its long dagger into Razor's codpiece. It cut through and sliced into the thin latex like codpiece. Razor's left testicle popped out. It was huge but swollen. It was full of milky muscle cum. It was ready for the torture. The other monster slammed a needle deep into the testicle. It secreted an enzyme that caused a burning sensation. Razor also was stunned by the strong whip like impact on his testicle. His nuts felt like they were on fire.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Razor yelled. "My balls!!!"

A tentacled wrapped around Razor's mouth to shut him up. Razor was now spread eagle and held up in the air by two of the sewer monsters. The needles on its tentacles penetrated his suit and caused excruciating pain. The main sewer monster that was not holding Razor knew what to do next. It slammed its dagger into Razor's other testicle. Razor's two orbs were exposed. The needles secreted their enzymes into Razor's family jewels. The monster looked as if it enjoyed this part. It poked around with the needle in the fleshy gonadal tissue. Razor had felt the impact of ball busting before but this was nut torture from the inside out. No matter how big a muscle hero is their balls will bring them down.  Finally a tentacle tore the piece of the suit that covered Razor's cock. His genitals were all exposed. The muscle hero could do nothing. 

"Razor,' Doc called from the intercom. "I see my monsters have you in a little bind. When I ask for your milk I expect it. Milk him dry!"

The mutants understood Doc and pulled Razor tighter by the legs and arms. One tentacle began to cut its way into Razor's tight muscle butt. He could feel that it entered his anal canal. It was prickly, sharp and painful. He wanted to yell but his mouth was muffled. The tentacle inserted a needle into his prostate. A warm sensation filled Razor's anal canal. This sensation was more stimulating and enjoyable. Razor could feel his g-spot warm up. The tentacle poked and massaged the hero's g-spot. Razor's muscular butt tried to squeeze the tentacle out but it just inserted itself deeper in his anal canal. Razor could feel his tight hole violated. The needles stung his anus, rectum and canal. The oil that was secreted earlier was injected inside his ass. Razor couldn't hold it in. It was a mix of ecstasy and pain. It was hot and it was senational. Razor finally gave in and allowed the monsters to do their worse. The more he wiggled the tighter their grip and the more the needles injected. Razor decided to accept his fate. Razor stopped wiggling but the tentacles continued to work his sensitive areas. Razor tried to hold his head back but the monsters held his head up high. Razor was immobile like a mouse caught by snakes. Now a thin tongue tentacle came out the main monster's mouth. It darted down Razor's urethra and poked a needle through his plump cock head.

Razor wiggled and tried to break free. The tentacle was removed from his mouth and his gasped for air. The agony was too much for him. The tongue like tentacle from the monster's mouth pulled Razor's cock into the mouth. The monster closed and Razor could feel sharp teeth bite down on his penis. The teeth were sharp but didn't puncture the precious cock. The hero was still in pain. The monster bit down on the thick penis. Cum oozed into the monster and the transparent mutant began to turn white. Razor ejaculated three giant geysers of semen into the monster. It bit down on the thick muscular cock and with each bite creamy, white large globs of cum oozed into its mouth. The monster was completing its mission. Soon the other sewer monster wanted some cum as well. It moved forward and stuck its tongue around the cock. They were all ingesting Razor's cum. His testicles were large and slowly began to deflate. A monster swung a tentacle into Razor's right testicle and injected the enzyme. The burning sensation happened again.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYAYAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOW!" Razor screamed. Tears formed in the corner of Razor's eyes. His balls never experienced this type of agony.

Doc walked into the room and walked around. The monsters looked at Doc but continued to work on Razor, their prey. Doc went under one creature and noticed a growing pouch. It had a cow like nipple attached to it. Doc squeezed the nipple and the milky white substance came out. It was Razor's cum.

"It worked." Doc said. "It worked! My monsters are milking him! Milk him boys. Milk him."

And milk Razor they did. They each rotated and gently bit Razor's cock to let the hero cum into them. Their body absorbed the cum and it traveled to the pouch. If Doc was successful he could release these cum stealing monsters all over and obtain gallons of spunk a day from muscle men.

"I will unleash these monsters all over the city. I will send them to gyms and fitness centers to get the most muscular male cum we can find." Doc said.

Steel Crusher and Ram looked in awe as Doc's new monsters milked Razor.

Razor was spent but he couldn't stop cumming. Tears came down his face. Razor was defeated and his 11-inch cut cock, his pride and joy was now being nibbled by Doc's sewer monsters. Razor knew if they wanted to bite his cock off with one bite they could. He knew they were milking him and would keep him alive. Razor tried to pace his cum but he couldn't. With each nibble Razor released more and more cum. Finally they released his mouth and Razor was able to take deep breaths of air.

"UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Razor moaned. His big brown cock was sticky and full of milky ooze.  Load after load the milky cum drained into the monsters mouthes. "UNNNNNNNNGHHHH."

Doc walked over to Razor and looked at Razor. Razor was almost unconscious. The paralysis and the cum producing enzymes took a toll on the muscle hero. He was weak and now the monsters released their grasp. Razor dropped down on the floor. The monsters began to nibble at the heros nipples, balls and cock. They continued to sting him and slam their tentacles on his pecs like whips. His abs were now full of welts and his body was stung all over. Razor was defeated! The mighty muscle hero only had his boots and visor on. His suit was stripped down. Doc picked up remnants of Razor's codpiece and licked it. The Jobber Heroes codpiece was a symbol of their manhood. It protected their jewels and it was in Doc's hand.

Steel Crusher and Ram arrived in the chamber and looked at Razor on the ground. He was helpless. Ram normally wanted to put up a fight but there was no point. The monsters continued to do their work on the muscle hero. His big muscles were oiled and glistening. There was so much cum being released from Razor that they didn't know how he was still hydrated. Razor sprawled his arms and legs out. A tentacle continued to massage his prostate and secret fluids and enyzes for Razor to produce his milk. Steel Crusher kicked Razor in the abs in a clear spot.

 Ram stomped on Razor's thick quads. The sewer monsters also continued to nibble and suck the life out of the hero. 

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Razor yelled in agony. The evil villains laughed and rubbed their hard cocks as the muscle hero was tortured. Ram milked the monster and a pint of cum filled up. Ram drank it down and it charged him up. Ram punched the wall and the concrete cracked. Ram looked at the bound Razor and his chiseled eight pack. The monsters spread Razor eagle on the ground. Razor was stretched out. His manhood was erect and pointing up. 

Razor winced in agony at what was coming next. Ram took his foot and began to squish Razor's large balls. One was in the codpiece and one popped out. Ram smiled and stroked his cock as he saw the muscle hunk vulnerable and in agony. 

"Torture time muscle prick." Ram said. Cum oozed out of Razor's remaining codpiece. Razor's cock was still strong after Razor pressed his 700lbs of 7 feet weight on the fragile gems. 

"No, no more." Razor said.

"Be careful," Steel Crusher said. 

"He doesn't need both his balls!" Ram said. 

"True," Steel Crusher said.

Ram bent down and grabbed Razor's left ball. He twisted and crushed it until he felt a pop in his grip.


Razor felt his left ball crushed. The burning sensation from the enzymes spread up his thigh. He knew Ram must have crushed his left nut so hard it popped inside. 

"Does he need his dick?" Ram asked.

"It still will leak out cum. The question is will he do it with pleasure or pain." Steel Crusher said.

"Why is he enjoying this anyway?" Ram said.

"Doc said don't damage him too bad." Steel Crusher said.

"A little pain is good." Ram said.

Ram took a tall screw like device and tapped Razor's shredded codpiece. He tugged and soon Razor's full meat was out. It was large and pulsed. 

"You're two feet shorter than me and look at the size of your dick." Ram said.

The pulsing chocolate anaconda bounced around. Cum oozed out of the tool. Ram was jealous. Razor was compact, muscular and had a huge cock. Ram felt like he was a hideous creature. Slate, Razor's teammate kicked Ram into a vacuum of waste years ago. 

"I have your cock," Ram said. 

The sewer monsters held Razor tight from behind. Razor couldn't move a muscle. Ram bent down and took the 11-inch-cock in one hand. He viciously rammed the screw with another hand. He took out a battery pack and connected it to the metal tube.

"Let's grill some weiners." Ram said.

 Ram was sadistic and got off on seeing muscle hunks especially superheroes tortured and broken. He was the most dangerous of the villains and he took advantage of Razor's immobility. Razor was like a muscle god. He was so handsome and muscular. Ram got hard thinking about Razor screaming in pain. Ram turned up the voltage and he could see Razor scream.


The huge cock bounced around as it was sounded and abused and electrocuted. The cock bounced around uncontrollably and cum shot out from the sides like a volcano.


"Hahahahaha!" Ram laughed. Razor was slumped down and his precious cock was shocked. 

Steel Crusher had a hard on seeing the bodybuilder milked, bound and ball busted. Now his cock was being sounded and Razor couldn't do anything. Ram pulled out the tube and licked it. Razor's cock was still hard but every time he came he felt a lot of pain. Ram slapped Razor on the cheek and walked out.

"I'll be back to fry your cock for good." Ram said. 

There was no time for recovery. The sewer monsters jumped back on Razor and began to milk him again. Razor was flipped on his stomach. His battered abs and pecs were in pain from the beating. His muscular butt flexed as the hero breathed heavy. He tried to fall asleep in his cum puddle but it was impossible. Razor's violated cock and balls would keep the hero in agony. He needed a savior.


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