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Nightwing's Nightmare
Part 2
By Arthur Hero

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Nightwing's Nightmare Part 2.

Thump! Thump! Thump! 

Nightwing woke up to a massive pain to his groin.

Bane was upper cutting his ball sack. The codpiece jiggled around like a yo yo. The dick and balls were secured in a cock ring which made the target vulnerable.

"Unghhhhhhhh," Nightwing moaned. He tried to keep his reactions less obvious but Bane clearly had it out for his manhood.



The gashes from the assault by the mutant Man-Bat claw slices, Killer Croc and Bane has him in pain. He woke up tied up with his arms to a barbed wire chain to the ceiling. His codpiece was like a second skin, it wrapped around in a new material Alfred made that caressed his balls. The cock ring secured the codpiece but in doing so left little room for his balls to jiggle. Each impact from Bane could be felt in his gut. Every punch. Penguin, Joker and Two-Face had hard ons seeing the sexy hero with eight pack abs, and a beautiful body get pulverized. Penguin let each of the bigger villains have their way with Nightwing. Nightwing knew one day his luck would run out. He literally dodged bullets, explosions, fires and sinister Gotham villains. How could he get trapped? He looked up at his biceps, bruised and exposed from the slashes Killer Croc put on him. His cock was now soft after several cum episodes from Man-Bat's toxic serum. 

"What should we do to him next?" Two-Face said.

"Flip a coin." Joker said.

"What are the choices?" Two Face said.

"Let's stick something in his ass or in his cock." Joker said.

"I love this!" Joker laughed. "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I hope we get to poke this rod in his little pee pee hole."

Joker pulled out a long sounding device. It was jagged, rusty, and it had round grooves on it. He pulled out a spiked dildo as well.

"Flip the coin." Joker said.

"Wait, we need to get the stud hard again." Two-Face said.

"Man-Bat! Bite him! Get his cock hard! 

Man-Bat walked up to Nightwing and bit his ass cheek. 

"Ahhh," Nightwing moaned. The fang marks tore into his rubberized skin tight suit and exposed a giant bite mark. Man-Bat injected a strong dose. Nightwing's cock was nice and hard and poked against the suit.

He was horny, euphoric, and wiggling around. "Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Two-Face flipped a coin.

"Heads, cock torture. Tails, asshole torture."

"Please cock, cock, cock, cock," Joker said.

The coin landed on the ground. Heads.

"Yes!" Joker jumped with glee.


The Joker took the rusty, long, jagged nails sounding device and rammed it down Nightwing's naturally curved cock. Nightwing was no longer euphoric as he could feel his urethra being violated and torn into. Joker twisted and rammed the cock. 

"Let's bend this curved dick backwards."

Joker's face was sinister. He grinned as Nightwing's thick dick was tortured. The muscle cock moved wherever he twisted it like a yoyo. Cracking and bending the penis muscle. 

"So thick, so hard to break." Joker said. "Bane help me out."

Bane walked over as the sounding device was inserted in Nightwing's cock. He bent the super hard cock back.


"AHHHHHHHHHHH." Nightwing yelled.


"UNGHHHHHHHHHH." Nightwing moaned.


"YOWWWWWWWW." Nightwing hollered.

Joker made sure Nightwing's thick curve cock was now broken.

The rod was twisted and spun around to hurt the hero. Joker left the pole inserted and let Nightwing dangle with the metal rod in his cock. Cum, sweat, and blood dribbled out of the cock hole.

"Unghhhhhhhhhhh," Nightwing moaned.

"What should we do next?" Two-Face said.

"Juicy balls!" Joker said. "Bane, we need you to flatten those pretty orbs."

Bane walked up and held the ball sack. They were still firm and in perfect condition despite the previous ballbusts. Nightwing's balls were about to get crushed once and for all.


to be continued...