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Nightwing's Nightmare
Part 1
By Arthur Hero

Nightwing evaded the defenses of Penguin's underground lair. Nightwing was muscular, fit and had a body of an adonis. Penguin was up to dirty tricks and tried to shoot out poisonous gas at the Gotham City Parade. Luckily, Batman was able to stop him. Batman chased the Joker. Now,  Nightwing took off and tracked Penguin alone. The Penguin was no match for Nightwing.  Nightwing was able to kick Penguin on the ground. He stood over him. Nightwing kicked Penguin in the gut and then across the room. He kicked him down and stood over him. Penguin was in awe how the young muscle pup grew up. Nightwing put on muscle and was almost had no body fat. His new skin tight rubber armor clung to him like a second skin. Every vein could be seen. Every muscle. Nightwing's codpiece was secured by a cock ring that wired around his cock and balls. Therefore his new suit made his penis sick out like a thick rod with two plump circles that held his balls. 

"My you have grown up." Penguin said.

He stood under the hero and observed Nightwing's hard nipples covered by nipple armor. 

"Such a big bulge," Penguin said.

Nightwing kicked Penguin in the gut one more time.

"You almost hurt thousands of people." Nightwing said.

Nightwing dialed the intercom on his utility belt. 

"Batman, I got Penguin." he said.

"Good," Batman said. "I have Two Face."

Penguin's henchman slowly entered in the room. A sickening laugh erupted in the hallway. 

"Two Face?" Nightwing said.

"How could that be?" Two Face said.

"You're trapped by Batman."

"No. Batman is on a long long trip tracking someone else he thinks is me. I rigged your intercom."

"I have the Two Face." the voice said. It was in a Batman's voice that he used from some device. It was an ambush. 

Nightwing felt a deep feeling in his gut. Penguin took his umbrella and rammed it into his balls. 

"Aghhh!" Nightwing yelled. 

The Penguin ran behind his henchman. Nightwing took flight but soon large metal doors closed all around him. He was trapped. He held his balls which were still in pain as he banged to try to get out. From behind a glass window Two Face flipped a coin while Penguin laughed. 

"Heads or Tails." Two Face said.

"Heads is Bane and Tails is Killer Croc." Penguin said.

Nightwing remembered he was just ambushed by the two villains. Last time they left him in pain. It took him months to recover.

Two Face threw up a bunch of coins which landed on all sorts of directions.

"Oh," Penguin said. "So many coins."

"And tonight our special guests are…Bane, Killer Croc, Clayface and Man-Bat."

The four villains walked in from four different directions. Nightwing took a fighting stance and wanted to square off. He was immediately tackled by the monster Man-Bat from behind. He tore into Nightwing's back with his claws and tore into the rubber suit. With his gangs Man-Bat bit into his neck. He released a venom which weakened Nightwing. 

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh." Nightwing yelled. 

Killer Croc slashed at Nightwing's abs. He pounded the muscular 8 pack with his long claws. The muscle hero Nightwing's abs glistened as they were now exposed.

"This is fun." Penguin said from the intercom. 

Next Clayface morphed and stretched out his claylike arms into tentacles. The tentacles held Nightwing up by the legs. He stretched the hero out and absorbed the hero into him so that his legs and arms were stuck. Clayface stretched out his body so that Nightwing's frontal body was extended out. He wrapped another clay arm around his waist wrapped around Nightwing's butt armor. Nightwing was trapped. His eight pack was stretched out. 

The venom finally caught up to Nightwing and his codpiece was now erect with a boner. 

"The venom will make you horny. Man-Bat now bit into the bulge and injected more venom into Nightwing's balls.


The coiled cock was now hard. The mushroom head pressed against the suit. 

Man Bat scratched the pec armor so now Nightwing's nipples were exposed. He bit the large juicy nipples and injected venom into them. The warming sensation made Nightwing so horny. The goal was the poison would make him ejaculate uncontrollably. Nightwing's balls began to swell up. The villains stood around as he wiggled and couldn't get out of the constraint of Clayface's tentacles.

The hard cock bounced in the codpiece. The exposed balls glistened from sweat. 

"Cumminggggggggggggggggg." Nightwing moaned. 

Bane immediately squeezed the balls with a death grip.

Bane tore off the codpiece and cum oozed out.

Nightwing had thick veins on his cock. The cock bounced around like a yoyo. Thick, horny. Bane grabbed the cock with the other hand clawed into Nightwing's juicy balls. Nightwing was tough and could handle attacks but his big balls were his weakness. Bane knew this and squeezed the life out of his balls. The powerful hand twisted and flattened the balls. The venom made him horny so he ejaculated as Bane squeezed his nuts. The venom was making him horny, hard and unable to control his cum. His balls were overproducing semen from the venom. Cum oozed out uncontrollably from the hero.

"Ughhhhh….unghhh unghhhh." Nightwing moaned.

His huge juicy cock throbbed and his prostrate pulsed as he leaked out globs of man juice. Man Bat was sure to inject him with lethal viagra like venom that was mixed with a euphoric stimulant. The muscle hunk despite the ball bashing came with orgasm after orgasm.

"Look at you Nightwing," Penguin said. 

It was now safe for Penguin to come out of his hiding lair. The villains had Nightwing bound with Clayface's tentacles, and Bane's iron grip on Nightwing's manhood. Man Bat stood to the side ready to inject more venom into the hero. Penguin took his pointed umbrella and stabbed the juicy balls. 

"Ah," Nightwing moaned. As his baseball ball sized nuts were poked with a needle. A little blood dripped from his testicular tender goods.

Nightwing was a sight to see. A slab of 8 brick abs, tight glutes, thighs and muscular pecs adorned by silver dollar nipples. 

Pengin rubbed his own cock, he was horny at the site of the vulnerable hero.

"Torture time you sexy slab of meat."

He squeezed Nightwing's balls. Normally this would be a one-sided fight in Nightwing's favor but he just let go as the pain gripped him from his nut pummels.

"Ahh," Nightwing moaned.

"So juicy." Penguin said. He squeezed the nodules of Nightwing's balls…

  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Nightwing screamed.

The torture was just beginning…


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