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Kid Marble vs. Killer Sumo
Part 1 - Kid Marble vs. Killer Sumo
By Arthur Hero

Kid Marble vs. Killer Sumo

Slick was running solo while his teammates recovered.

Now in his mid 20's Slick was no longer the muscle pup rookie. He was seasoned, faster and stronger.

Slick put on 10 lbs of more muscle and although he was still a mere 5'6 he was able to dominate the bigger opponents. He even battled the mighty Ram and brought him down to his knees with his rope grappler. Slick had a new haircut and a new uniform. His thick cock was 7 inches but thick. His balls were always round and pressed against his blue cod piece.

Slick had a new teammate he recruited named Diego. Diego was Slate's little cousin from Puerto Rico who moved to Grand Island City to study. When Slick realized he was a trained MMA fighter the two would spar and soon he realized he could handle missions. Diego was leaner, built, had an 8-pack. He was short and only stood at 5'5. Muscular, tan, and had tribal tattoos on his body. He wore large gauge earrings and nipple rings. His suit had two round circles that allowed his brown nipples and piercings to be exposed. He was swift and trained under Brick and Razor. 

Slate did not want to add his own blood to the team. Even though Kid Marble was tough if anyone knew they were related they could use him for ransom or worse. The 21-year-old was added to the Grand Island City Rangers - the new name of the Arthur Heroes. His name was Kid Marble. He wore a shiny off white suit but his accents like his visor, elbow pads, and boots were silver. His codpiece was silver and glistened in the light. For a young hero his cock coiled into the cramped codpiece. His bulge always displayed his plump balls full of cum. His butt was plump, juicy and and compact.

Kid Marble was investigating a disturbance alone at the Racetrack. The Grand Island Mafia was torturing some guy in one of the stalls. 

"There's a disturbance," Kid Marble said on the radio. Slate answered.

"How many?" Slate said. 

"About 20 of them," Kid Marble said. "If I don't do something they will kill him."

"No, wait for Slick." Slate said. "You always wait for backup."

"Okay." Kid Marble said.

He hung up and investigated some more. He decided to crawl inside and do a swift rescue. He threw tear gas and took down one of the henchman. They had knives, bats and brass knuckles. Kid Marble was too swift for them. He beat them all down and was able to untie the captive.

"We got to get out of here." Kid Marble said.

"No, no, no, no, no. Run!" The captive said.

"I can't leave you here." Kid Marble said.

"Yes you can!" A voice called.

It was Killer Sumo. 8 feet and 750 lbs of big blubber. Killer Sumo walked up to Kid Marble and sized up the little muscle pup. About a dozen more bandits entered the room with chains, clubs, whips, and weapons.

"Boss wants him dead." Killer Sumo said.

Kid Marble took a fighting stance. The dozen bandits surrounded him. 

"I need help," Kid Marble radio'd.

Kid Marble was able to fight off half a dozen of them but the quantity of people was too much. He began to feel the blows on his thighs and calves as the bandits tried to take him down. Kid Marble kicked and fought his way to the door but someone threw a grappling hook gun and shot it around him. The hooks tore into his abs and he was pulled back. He tried to fight but was bound. 

"That was easy," Killer Sumo said. He lifted his foot and kicked the plump silver codpiece. The heel of his foot connected with the two plump testicles.

"AHHHHHHHH," Kid Marble screamed.

"Soft spot?" Killer Sumo said.

He lifted his foot and crashed it on the ground but Kid Marble backed up. Two of the villains began to punch Kid Marble from behind. One lifted him up and grabbed him. 

"Look at that ass," Bandit 1 said.

"Gonna rape him," Bandit 2 said.

They began to grope Kid Marble and felt squeezes on his plump butt.

Bandit 1 began to insert his finger into

A few of them held him up and began to suck his exposed nipples and pulled one of his pec armor pieces exposing his chest and tattoos.

"Oh he's a bad boy," Bandit 1 said.

The other bandits surrounded him and began to punch his abs, thighs, and calves, arms, and whatever body part they could get their hands on. He felt a pipe hit his nose and he was sure it was broken. The bandits began to squeeze him. His muscles, his thighs and plump ass.

With one violent kick, Kid Bandit broke from the bandits. He rolled away and sent a hook to the ceiling and tried to get away. Killer Sumo grabbed his food just in time and swung him to the ground. His head hit the pavement and his arms spawned out. 

"Now you need a lesson." Killer Sumo said.

He lifted Kid Sumo who was still dazed and began to squeeze him. The might and weight of the 750 lb monster on Kid Marble's 150 lb muscles was crushing. He squeezed the air of out him and cracked his small muscles.

Next Killer Sumo reached for the silver plump codpiece. He reached inside and felt the balls.

"No," Kid Marble said. "Please don't."

Kid Sumo never had his balls injured in battle and the little muscle pup was lucky so far. His plump ball sac was always a target but he always lucked out. Killer Sumo looked into the handsome hunk's eyes. His cock was soft. Killer Sumo could feel foreskin and his tugged it.

"I want you to get hard for me okay," Killer Sumo said. "Or I'm ripping them off."

He gently rubbed the cock and soon it was a hard 8 inch cock. He put it back in the codpiece and threw Kid Marble on the ground.

Killer Sumo jumped on Kid Marble and smothered him in a wrestling move that pushed Kid Marble into the air. He stretched him out with his hard cock in the air.

"Break his cock boys." Killer Sumo said.

Bandit 1 took brass knuckles and punched the codpiece. The hard cock and balls shook like a yoyo.

"AHHH," Kid Marble said.

"Let's break his fat big marbles." Bandit 1 said.

He punched into Kid Bandit's balls from the bottom portion of his sac. The impact shook his balls violently. Bandit 2 took a crowbar and aimed it at the pointed cock. He wanted to crack the thick cock into two. Bandit 1 now grabbed the two balls and squeezed. Each ball was twisted, every nodule, every area. 

"My balls, Ahhhh God." Kid Marble yelled. He felt the pain from his balls to the pit of his stomach. He was always admired for his round baseball sized balls. But now the anguish because of their large size was being targeted.

Bandit 1 uncovered the codpiece off Kid Marble and the large balls were revealed. They were thick, tan and the skin was tight due to their large size. His cock was veiny, thick and the foreskin was covering the hard shaft. Precum oozed out.

"Look at his package." Bandit 1 said.

"Too bad we he have to bust these things open."

They took a needle and injected the cock with a burning fluid that would make him cum.


The more he agonized the more Killer Sumo stretched the muscle pup. 

"My turn," Killer Sumo said.

He slapped the balls with his hand and then squeezed. 

"Nice balls kid." Killer Sumo said as he flattened the balls. He lifted the hero over his head and squeezed his balls in one hand and choked him with another. Kid Marble yelled and kicked. Killer Sumo slammed him on the floor. Kid Marble rolled over by the bandits and they both stomped on his abs and pecs. 

Killer Sumo looked at his prey, his suit was torn in a lot of places and his ass crack was now exposed. One of nipple rings was still in tact while the other dangled and was almost torn off. His huge cock and balls pulsed from the injection. His cock danced and moved around. Cum was starting to ooze from the piss slit.

"Look boys he's cumming."

Bandit 1 wrapped his lips around the cock and put his finger in the ass crack all the way to his prostrate.

"Cum papi." Bandit 1 said.


Cum gushed into Bandit 1's mouth. Almost a pint. 

"Move, give me some. I need to recharge." Killer Sumo said. He was a mutant and needed cum to recharge and 21 year old muscle spunk was just the fill he needed. Kid Bandit came again and Killer Sumo slopped down almost a full pint of man juice. The serum produced more cum that was needed. Kid Marble was drained. He came so much he laid limp on the ground. His cock and balls stuck out from under his leg. Killer Sumo dropped his knee on the vulnerable balls. The sharp pain shot into Kid Marble.


"Let's tie him up," Killer Sumo said. "We're going to milk your fat cock some more until there's nothing left."

"And then we're going to rip off these fat balls one by one. So you better produce more cum."

Killer Sumo landed another punch on the muscle pup's sac and squeezed bear hugged him until he was out cold.



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